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Homeschooling Favorites

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Our family homeschooled for 10 years. Over that time we tried various curriculums and bought our fair share of school supplies. This post should be read right alongside my Home Business Essentials post where I highlight several of my favorite office supplies that are equally as helpful for homeschooling!

In addition to those 12 Home Business Essentials, I would add these other 10 items to complete the list of our family’s homschooling favorites…several of which you probably already have laying around the house!

1) Spiral Bound Notebooks

We used Spiral bound notebooks for everything! Notetaking, assignments, recordkeeping, journaling, etc. Every year at the Back to School sale we’d buy boxes of notebooks…and use nearly every one next school year!

2) 3-ring Binders

These were also great to store notes & assignments. Sometimes we’d start the year using a spiral-bound notebook then part way through the year we’d switch to a 3-ring binder and notebook paper. We had nearly every size of 3-ring binder and LOTS of notebook paper–another one of those things we’d buy in bulk.

3) Highlighters

It may seem obivious but we used these all the time. To seperate vocabulary words from the definition, circle Math answers, & to take notes! We always made sure to buy a good supply of highlighters every year!

4) Mechanical Pencils

I love mechanical pencils & these ones are my very favorite!

5) Clipboards

Honestly, we rarely worked at a table or desk. More often than not we’d work someplace comfy where we could spread out. On the couch, on the floor, outside, or even in our bed. We each had our own clipboard with our name on it!

6) File Folders

Early in our homeschooling journey we made a lot of lapbooks. They’re kind of like a cross between a science fair project board and a handwritten report. You take a few file folders, make some fancy folds and maybe a few cuts, glue them together, & then place all your infomation inside.

In addition to these supplies, we also found a few other favorites that are both educational & entertaining!

7) The Little House Books

My favorite books by my favorite author! You can’t go wrong when it comes to these classics! And over the years people have even put together cookbooks & tourist guides based on the beloved series. The Audiobooks make a great bedtime story too!

8) Narnia

I’m not sure what I like better Little House or Narnia…It’s a toss up for sure! They also make a great bedtime story!

9) Adventures in Oddysey

I have no idea how we stumbled upon AIO but I’m glad we did! Our family perfers the audio dramas rather than the cartoons & there are a couple of book series by the same people…I HIGHLY recommend going down the rabitt hole that is Odyssey. You won’t regret it!

10) Drive Thru History

Another one of those things that we stumbled upon and fell in love with. Dave travels the world teaching history from a Biblical prespective. American History, World History, & even the Holy Lands. We LOVE these shows and recommend them any chance we get! Check out his Youtube channel where he has several episodes available for free & his website for more information! I’ve linked a few of our favorite series below!

I hope that a few of our homeschooling favorites will become some of your family’s as well!

Until next time,

Bailey Sue