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How You’re like an Elf!

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So the other night we decided to watch “Elf on the Shelf: An Elf’s Story” and as we were watching I couldn’t help but think that as strange as it may sound each of our lives resembles Chippy’s in a very small but very important way.

See Chippy’s a Scout Elf. His job is to go into the home of a child and bring Christmas cheer and then when night falls go back to the North Pole and give his report to Santa.

Chippy actually receives a very special assignment straight from Santa. He’s going to the home of a little boy who isn’t sure if he believes in Santa anymore. Chippy tries to get Taylor to believe in Santa, but despite his persistent tries Taylor just won’t come around. And then one night Taylor dares Chippy to fly before his finger touches him and he loses his magic. Chippy doesn’t fly and is carried back to the North Pole by the help of his friends.

Chippy’s recovering well but is very discouraged. He feels like he’s failed and he let Santa down…He’s not even sure he wants to go back to the McTuttle’s. After all he tried everything and Taylor still doesn’t believe. Then Santa brings a very special message to the discouraged scout elf. It’s a letter from Taylor telling Santa what happened and how sorry he is that he made Chippy sick. This is just what Chippy needed! He heads back to the McTuttle’s with a renewed zeal…He did make a difference and he didn’t let Santa down after all!!

I was reminded that in a way we’re all like Santa’s Scout Elves. We’ve been given a very special job by Jesus. He’s given us everything that we need to fulfill this job. This job won’t be easy, we will be challenged, hurt and often times wonder if we can even go on. Jesus will remind us through a friend, song, email, etc. that we are making a difference and to keep on keeping on and we’ll be motivated to finish the job that He gave us. Then just like Chippy with a renewed zeal we’ll go back to our own McTuttle’s and finish our job with Jesus’ help.

And one day when Jesus comes back we’ll go with Him in that golden stream up to Heaven to live with Him forever!

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Bailey Sue

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