A Bible with Weights

I am Weak but He is Strong

“She dresses herself with strength and makes her arms strong.”

~Proverbs 31:17

Have you ever really taken the time to study the Proverbs 31 Woman? I was talking to Mom today and I realized something very important about this woman.

I realized that she was able to function quite well without her husband.

Not to say that she didn’t need him; just that if he went away on a trip, the house, business ventures, etc wouldn’t suffer in his absence.

I don’t know exactly where this thought of mine came from but somewhere along the way I developed the mentality that I NEED a husband; that I am “not complete” or strong enough without that relationship. I forgot the simple truth I was created for God and as a helpmate for my husband should God bless me with one; not the other way around (See Genesis 2:18). God is my strength; not my husband.

There is a difference between a man being chivalrous (opening doors, standing when a woman enters a room, etc.) and a woman being needy. I am perfectly capable of opening a door myself. But I respect and am thankful when a man opens the door for me. I view this gesture as a sign of respect and protection.

I would like you to think about some examples of strong women in the Bible. For example, Ruth left all that she had known, all that she had grown up with in order to be with Naomi. Once she arrived she immediately starts looking to provide for herself and her mother-in-law. When Ruth arrived in Naomi’s country she didn’t know that she would eventually meet and marry Boaz. She took the inativitate and did what she had to do to provide for her and Naomi and she ends up gleaning in the fields of her future husband.

Let’s take a look at Esther. I told you most of her story in Tuesday’s post; so I won’t repeat all of that here. The one thing that I would like to remind you of is that she couldn’t exactly run to her husband and beg him to save her. In fact, if she approached him and he didn’t hold out his scepter; she could have been killed.

I guess the balance can be found in knowing that we as women were created by God to help our husbands. God didn’t create us to sit and eat chocolate until our husbands come along. God has plans for us. He doesn’t want us to waste the time that He gave us as single ladies. God wants us to use this time to better ourselves. You are who you are without a husband. Don’t forget that. 

So, no matter who you are; or where you are in the realm of relationships. Remember this: God created you in His image (Genesis 3:27). He has plans for you and things that He wants you to accomplish (Jeremiah 29:11). Don’t waste this time as a single lady just sitting around and waiting for Mr. Right. Remember that you are strong with God on your side and can accomplish great things without a husband.

Get out there and live the life that God has for you, and at the right time, if it’s God’s will and in His time Mr. Right will come along. We just have to rely on God and trust His timing!

Until next time,

Bailey Sue