I’m baaack! (:

Hi! It’s good to see you. I know it’s been a little while, but all is well! A couple of months back I got hit with a bad case of writer’s block. I didn’t know what to say or how to say it. I felt like I was constantly repeating myself and posting to post because that’s what you do when you have a blog. And truth be told I was getting burned out. So after a lot of prayer, I got a part-time job at a place that I love, with some really great coworkers.

As it turns out, I just needed a little change in scenery. But you know me, change has never been easy. This change is no different. I just have to smile and nod because when I chose the word grow for 2022, I fully anticipated my growth to be more domestic-related. And while there has been growth in that area the real growth has been so much deeper than I expected but it’s been good. I’ve learned about mistakes and grace and facing your fears head-on.

I’ve learned to pray more and in all honesty, I’ve seen God come through time and time again. Again and again. If I could summarize the past year in a sentence it would be this: GOD. IS. FAITHFUL. We will make mistakes, even when we know better. I know I have. But God? He’s got this in ways that we simply can’t see or even understand until we’re on the other side…And His grace, His favor? It’s real and tangible if we can just have the eyes to see it… He is faithful & He is good…

As for the Homestead? It’s been chugging away. We’re almost done harvesting the rest of the garden produce. I think there are still carrots out there we need to harvest and bring in. Garlic has been planted for next year. All the meatbirds are harvested and tucked away in the freezer. This was the first year we tried growing sweet potatoes and let me tell you, they are HUGE. Some of the largest sweet potatoes I’ve ever seen!

We celebrated Thanksgiving as a family the Sunday before Thanksgiving because Bradley worked Thanksgiving. We made two turkeys this year. We started them Saturday night on the smoker and Sunday morning when we woke up we realized that sometime during the night they had stopped cooking. 😮 So Dad and Jr restarted the smoker and brought one bird inside to cook in the roaster so we could have a bird done for lunch. Got home from Church and the smoked bird wasn’t done yet and the bird in the roaster? Yeah, the roaster tripped a breaker and it hadn’t been cooking for a couple of hours.

Needless to say, we ate about six hours later than we had planned. But you know what? The day was still good. We still celebrated and thanked God for our many blessings and we were still together as a family. Then on the Friday after Thanksgiving we once again celebrated with Mom’s family and made crafts and visited for a few hours before heading home.

As usual, we decorated early for Christmas & have been enjoying all the lights, decorations, fires in the fireplace & joys of the Christmas season. Later today I’ll bake some Christmas cookies for our annual Thanksmas celebration this weekend with Dad’s side of the family.

I plan on leaving the blog up and will update it but probably not as often as before. Maybe once or twice a month depending on what we’re doing. I’ll try not to wait so long next time. Thanks for all of your love and support! <3

Until next time,
Bailey Sue

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  1. Yes, I know all about the writers block, but am glad you are back at it if only on a limited basis. I gave up my websites and quit trying to write for them at all. You know it takes a lot of time doing the graphics and layout, etc. I still do write for a couple of church bulletins and send things to friends, but that’s all I try and do no days. Keep up the great work!

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