Purple Bell Flower

…It’s Been Good.

This week I’ve struggled to maintain a good attitude. I want to be positive and look at life on the bright side but sometimes I just get dragged down by overthinking every single thing in life. However, despite my sometimes icky attitude I’ve seen SO many good things this week!

For one thing it hasn’t been raining as much which is REALLY NICE. I don’t mind the rain, I just prefer it doesn’t last too long. I was able to get outside a couple of times this past week to read on the front porch in the new furniture, take work outside on the back deck, and even enjoyed a little picnic lunch! I’m SO glad that the weather is starting to turn and we can be outside more. I’m anxious to see all the progress we’ll be able to make in the yard and garden this year!

God has been showing up BIG TIME!

Earlier this year I had the idea to write some prayer requests on sticky notes and hang them on the wall across from my bed that way I could see them and spend some time praying before I fall asleep. I was stalling on hanging these up because occasionally guests will sleep in my bed and I didn’t want to bring attention to my personal time with God. But since no one’s coming to the house for the foreseeable future I went ahead and hung them up. In just a few short days God has already answered SO many prayers!

In the last couple of weeks things really started to “click”. It’s almost like I’ve had so many ideas swirling around in my head for the last few years and someone came in and turned the light on showing me a better way to do things! A way to combine everything I love, those things I’m learning to love, and the things I’m not so fond of into one nicely wrapped package. For as much thinking as I’ve been doing there’s a lot of actual planning I have to do, but I’m really liking what I’m envisioning and anxious to see what’s to come!

…One of the things that never ceases to amaze me is that once we start to recognize the good that’s going on around us we start to see it EVERYWHERE!

Here lately in light of everything going on I’ve started posting something good from my life everyday on social media using the hashtag #rejoicingonedayatatime. I want to encourage you to join me in posting something good from your life each day using the hashtag. Tag Contentintheeveryday so that I can see it and let’s encourage each other!

What are some of the ways that you’ve seen God show up for you this week? Share in the comments below–let’s encourage each other!! (:

Until next time,
Bailey Sue