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Kneading A Lesson

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I love carbs. Breads, pasta, crackers, biscuits; they’re all my favorite. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that they’d ever inspire a blog post, but here we are!

We’ve recently found our favorite, go-to biscuit recipe (Page 506). Normally when making these yummy biscuits I just drop some of the dough on the pan and bake. It’s SO much quicker than actually rolling them out. And a whole lot easier to clean up…there’s none of that sticky doughy-flour residue all over the counter.

Last week while making biscuits I somehow misread the recipe and added three TABLESPOONS of Baking Powder instead of three TEASPOONS…effectively tripling the batter. So I made one batch of drop biscuits and put the rest of the dough into the refrigerator to use later in the week…The next time I made them I actually spent the few extra minutes to roll out the dough and make round biscuits. Ya’ll the difference was HUGE.

Sure, drop biscuits are good and fulfill that carb craving. But rolled out biscuits? They’re fluffier, SO much fluffier, and topping them with butter and jelly is a lot easier. They don’t crumble as easy and for some reason they just taste better! 🤷‍♀️

I was reminded of a few different lessons from this most recent biscuit making experience that I’d like to share with you.

Sometimes spending an extra few minutes is worth it after all. As Christians we’re told to do everything that we do for the glory of God and to do it as if we were doing it for God and not for man (Colossians 3:23).

Another thing that I learned is that sometimes in life we’ll feel like we’re being pushed and pulled and flattened. We’ll be tired and worn out by circumstances that are beyond our control. We’ll pray and feel like God isn’t hearing us and sometimes begin to wonder if He even cares anymore.

This is kind of like rolling out the biscuit dough. Once it’s mixed together, I dump it out on the counter, add some flour, knead it and begin to roll it out. Pressing it down and flattening it then taking a biscuit cutter and cutting out wide circles. Once I cut out 12 biscuits I then place the pan in a hot oven for 12 minutes and they bake. Rising and changing from a doughy substance to a hot flaky biscuit.

The difficulties in life may knead and flatten us or even cut us; forcing us to cut ties and break away from different things we once held dear, even still they may make us walk through the fire. BUT if we keep our faith in God. Holding tight to Him no matter what happens that fire will make us rise and we’ll come out of those trials stronger and better than when we went in…all with a unique story of God’s loving hand of faithfulness and love.

Until next time,

Bailey Sue

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  1. Very sweet! I love when God uses ordinary, mundane moments to speak to us. They are some of my favorite lessons.

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