Cucumber plant and a Rose Bush

Learning to Make the Most of it!

This year has been an adventure to say the least…It seems like every day holds a little something new; an unexpected lesson or new insight. Planting a garden is quite uneventful. Dig hole, make a row, add compost, place the plant or add the seed, cover and water. Pretty simple, right? Usually, yes. However as this year has continued to shake things up planting the garden contained a little lesson about life and our attitude.

We’ve planted a lot of the garden in stages this year. Many of our seedlings were quite spindly and didn’t survive so we’ve been supplementing with store bought plants when we can find them. This wasn’t intentional on our part but will certainly come in handy at harvest as we shouldn’t have a ton of tomatoes to process at one time. The day we decided to plant the garden we were dodging a downpour and dealing with a little wind. We got the main garden planted and moved closer to the house to plant the herbs. We placed the packets of leftover seeds near the potted rosebush next to the herbs. It got a little windy and unbeknownst to us a couple of the seeds spilled out and landed in the pot with the rosebush…

A few weeks later we find two tiny cucumber plants growing along with the rosebush! Here’s the thing though, we had already planted the cucumbers in one of the beds with a trellis and bamboo sticks so that they can vine. These cucumbers don’t have that and they’re growing in the same pot as a rosebush!

But you know what, they don’t seem bothered. They’re not bemoaning that they’re in a pot with a rose. They’re just doing their thing and making the most of it!

This year especially (though I’m sure I knew before), I’ve realized that if it’s not something I want to be doing I just do it to get it done. I don’t give my best and I certainly don’t try to glean what I can from the situation. I find excuses to just sit around and “be content” waiting for life to happen, for what I want to become reality.

What I’ve learned though, is that there’s more to contentment. It’s not just living out the fruits of the Spirit (Galatians 3:22-23), or learning to BEE content. While those are necessary and a part of finding and living in the contentment that Paul speaks of in Philippians 4:11, I believe that there’s more. There’s an action. Something we need to be doing.

There’s more to life than just living…We can aimlessly sit and wait around or we can see where we are, take stock of what we’ve been given and make the most of it!  The choice is ours and we make it every day…

Just like those cucumbers growing in the rosebush. Life may not be what we thought, what we wanted, or even what we envisioned. Will we bemoan that life looks different or learn to make the most of where we are?

I hope that by approaching life this way I’ll be reminded that life isn’t always a hamster wheel with so much to do and so little time. More often than not life is filled with normal everyday, sometimes mundane moments that become precious memories. And I hope that you will be encouraged to make the most of the season of life you find yourself in too! We’ll do it together. One day at time, seeking to glorify God in all we do…

Until next time,

Bailey Sue