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Learning to Rebound from an Off-day

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For whatever reason Monday was a very “off-day”. We were all sluggish, unmotivated, and tired. Normally, having a very unmotivated day–especially if that day’s Monday; sets the tone for the rest of the week. It’s difficult to rebound and get the work done that needs accomplished. I find that normally I spend much more time talking on my “off-days” than I do any other days.

This past Monday happened to be the first really “off-day” of the year. Being three weeks in I don’t think that’s too bad. One thing that I’m really learning is how to rebound. My theme this year is The Glorious Unfolding. The main idea is to do what I can do while sitting back, waiting, and trusting God to unveil the rest of the plan; piece by piece. Having this theme in mind along with some other personal goals and boundaries that I’m setting is helping me to take it one day at a time. This makes it easier to not carry yesterday’s issues into today.

Even though Monday was so off, I’m thankful to see progress.

Like I said above normally on an “off-day” I don’t accomplish much of anything other than talking and making excuses. This past Monday was different though. I was able to accomplish almost everything I set out to do! That’s rare for a day like this.

When Tuesday rolled around it was MUCH BETTER than Monday! And as the week continued on I was able to see prayers being answered and many good things happening despite my mistakes and areas of weakness.

For example, we’re discussing the idea of updating the decorations in JoJo and I’s room. After a little discussion we came up with this idea.

sunflower with textI’m terrible at drawing. About the best that I can do is basic stick figure, if you’re lucky. So, JoJo brought it life–freehanded I might add! And the best part, not only is it bright and colorful but it’s also very sparkly! I mean, the whole canvas is covered in a thin layer of glitter! Now, when I wake up in the morning I’m greeted by a bright Sunflower, a happy little bee, and lots of sparkle! (It makes me very happy, if you can’t tell!) (:

If you’ve followed along for any length of time I’m sure that you’re aware that I had a little trouble finding a good place to work. Some place that wasn’t freezing in the Winter, isolated, generally chilly, or looked like a dungeon. Just since we moved to this house I’ve worked in four or five different rooms!

I was starting to feel a bit like Goldie Locks. I couldn’t find the one spot that was just right.

At the beginning of last year (2019) we decided to turn our Sitting Room into a nice little work area. It took some doing but eventually, we found the PERFECT set up. There’s an electric fireplace that heats the room well on chilly days, my closet has enough space to hold all my business-y things (mostly in Narnia so I’m not constantly starring at it), and it’s nice and cozy. Just last week we finally upgraded the seating up here too. We had been using a cot with some blankets and throw pillows (it wasn’t the most comfortable) but it worked nicely. We’ve now upgraded to a nice little futon! I love that everything comes together nicely for an office/work area and a nice sitting room without being surrounded by all things business.

The best part is that I now have my own little desk! I’ve always wanted to be the Modern Day, female version of John-Boy Walton. If you’ve ever watched the show you’ll notice (or remember) that his desk overlooked the front yard. My desk overlooks the rail. Considering this house is anything BUT soundproof it’s nice because I’m still secluded and can easily listen to my music and avoid humanity at my own choosing or I can hear most of what’s happening on the main level of the house allowing me not to feel so isolated and like life is passing me by!

Cheery office space for an off-day with URLI’m so thankful that even though Monday was an off-day I was able to rebound nicely

getting quite a bit of work done–even more than I was expecting! (: I’ve still not perfected the rebound yet but I’m getting there; one step at time. And that’s really all that matters, right? Starting right where we are–even if it’s an off-day; making one better choice each day. Eventually we’ll look back and see just how far we’ve come. Until then, we’ll trust God to unfold His perfect plan and will for our lives one day at a time!

Until next time,

Bailey Sue

P.S. January can be a lonely time. The holidays are behind us, it’s dark and sometimes snow. As a result, it’s easy to forget how loved we are. If you need a reminder check out my book below. It’s available in e-book and paperback.