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Lessons from “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving”

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As I was contemplating what to write as we kick off the Holiday season I started thinking about all of our traditions. One of the things that our family does nearly every year is watch “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving”. We’ve even been known to create our own version of Charlie Brown’s Thanksgiving meal!

As I was thinking about this movie I remembered Peppermint Patty… She invites herself and some of her friends over to Charlie’s house to spend Thanksgiving. In the middle of what was already a crazy day Charlie agrees even though the guest list keeps getting longer and longer.

Linus reminds Charlie that the whole point of Thanksgiving is being thankful to God for our blessings and spending time with family and friends. Everyone then works together to create a very nontraditional Thanksgiving Dinner of jelly beans, buttered toast, pretzel sticks and popcorn.

Once everyone sits down to eat and the food is served Peppermint Patty is livid. She instantly begins asking where all the traditional Thanksgiving foods are and criticizing all the hard work that went into this gathering of friends. She eventually learns of her mistakes, apologizes and embraces this very different Thanksgiving day.

But this got me thinking. How often are we so caught up in making sure that our holidays go according to plan? We have all the right foods, done the right amount of work before the big day, our house is the cleanest it’s been all year and hopefully the kids will remember to behave themselves, and we can’t forget to get that perfect family photo for all our Instagram and Facebook friends to see.

And then when something happens outside of that plan (as it inevitably does this time of the year); we get on the road an hour later than we planned, the pie got burned, one of the kids wake up sick or heaven-forbid the Turkey caught fire…we loose it! Loudly proclaiming “THIS IS NOT HOW I HAD THIS PLANNED!” “Thanksgiving is now ruined!!”and we run around in a crazed frenzy trying to savage what we can of our “perfect” plan.

And I have to ask: Are we more worried about how our holiday should be that we forget to actually celebrate the holiday with those we love?

This year I encourage you to let go of that perfect holiday plan and embrace the Holiday that you’ve been given. I bet, it’s going to look a little different than in years past and maybe a lot different than what you wanted but that doesn’t mean that it’s bad. It just means that times have changed and your holidays have changed a little too. You can still enjoy the day despite the differences…after all the whole point is to be thankful for what God has given us and to spend the day with family…(:

Until next time,

Bailey Sue

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  1. Yes! I love to plan but it’s not worth getting upset when real life gets in the way. We are so blessed that we even have the option to plan, let alone for it to go wrong!

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