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Life isn’t like the Movies (Especially at Christmas)…

I don’t know about you but one of my favorite things to do this time of the year is to curl up on the couch clad in some comfy festive jammies with a warm drink and watch some Christmas movies.

But something that I’m noticing is that life (especially Christmas) isn’t like the movies. Have you ever noticed that usually the characters in the movies are hardly ever seen cleaning? I’ve never seen a Christmas movie where one of the main characters does a load (or two) of laundry… And yet amid all the holiday festivities the house never gets dirty.

I’ve also noticed that people are never affected by the cold. I don’t know about you but if I go outside in winter it doesn’t take long for my face to look as red as Rudolph’s nose…

And they NEVER seem to get tired: they can bake dozens of cookies during the day and still manage to have the energy to attend a church function and give to those in need. All without needing a nap! I mean, for me that’s just impossible.

As much as I LOVE Christmas movies I find that they seem to be the biggest culprit of unrealistic and unmet Christmas expectations. We are constantly told of Christmas miracles and happy endings. I know that miracles and happy endings do happen. But at times life doesn’t always have that perfect movie ending.

Something that I think we all need to remember (especially myself)  is that movies are just books on camera. Although they may be inspired by real-life events they aren’t real life. Movies don’t replace spending time with family or actually making Christmas memories. In order to make good memories, we have to choose to live. Not only do we have to make a conscious decision to get up off the couch and do something we have to embrace the life that we have right now.

Just because my life doesn’t look like the newest Christmas movie doesn’t mean that I don’t have a life. I have things to do, people to see, and Christmas to celebrate right here, right now. And so do you. So, quit living for that next movie and start making your own! Realize that this season of your life contains joy and happiness that only last for a moment. Soak every bit of it up and live it to the fullest. Thanking God for every blessing along the way!

Until next time,

Bailey Sue