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Living a Subtle Life…

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I love living in Ohio. We really are blessed to be able to experience all four seasons and the subtle ways they change…It’s nearing the end of October. The days are naturally getting shorter (and chillier) without the aid of Daylight Savings Time. The leaves are beginning to change and some have even started falling…The stores have started putting out Halloween decorations, costumes, and candy.

Some people hate being able to experience all four seasons. They enjoy the heat and humidity of Summer. Other people like me are LOVING this time of year. Everything’s warm and cozy and comforting…Like picking up your favorite novel and reading it in front of the fireplace snuggled up in a big blanket.

And I got to thinking about this blog and my story. And I noticed something…A lot of people that have a platform are either rising or falling. Rising from the ashes of tragedy or falling from greatness.

And it made me wonder about my story. I don’t have some great tragedy or hurt to overcome and nothing to necessarily fall from. I’m just an average girl living a very normal/somewhat boring life…I don’t wear makeup unless I leave the house and then it depends on where I’m going. I don’t like a lot of the “in style” clothes, I’d rather cook at home than eat out, I think McDonald’s is disgusting, and I prefer to be home relaxing in front of the T.V. with my family rather than spend a night on the town with friends.

As I thought about what my life really is I realized that it’s very much like the changing of the seasons. There are changes, but they’re subtle. You don’t really realize how much has changed until you pause and look back.

When the seasons change, it’s subtle; yet God feels that it’s important and so many people find beauty in it. The same is true of our lives. The different seasons or changes that our lives take, subtle or not, are significant. The One who created us has plans for us that are for OUR GOOD and HIS GLORY (See Jeremiah 29:11 + Romans 8:28). And that’s what really matters. Knowing AND believing that our story is crafted by the master storyteller, the painter of the skies. If He’s able to create excitement and beauty surrounding the changing of the seasons why don’t we think He can do so much more with our lives?

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Bailey Sue

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