Family in Walk 4 Water shirts 2018

Mache Pou Dlo!

Ya’ll…WE DID IT!

On Saturday, our family took part in our church’s Walk 4 Water event! There was a record of 92 walkers that were registered and we’re pretty sure we had more than that participate! We raised (as of Sunday morning) $8,100!

That is enough to drill ONE new well with the rest going to provide water purifiers!!!

Each year we’ve done this, Healing Hands has provided shirts for the participants. The shirts usually give information on how often people in these countries die because of the lack of clean water–about every 26 seconds.

This year the shirts had a  slightly different message— “Mache Pou Dlo”.  It says “Walk 4 Water” in Haitian creole. Across the back of the shirt is #triumph. The word has a double meaning if you will. Through our walking and bringing awareness we are helping them triumph over water born diseases like Cholera. Diseases that are totally PREVENTABLE by having access to clean water. They also learn to triumph over their circumstances through the blood of Jesus.

It always amazes me the difference that something so little can make. Doing something that we do every single day like walking can have a monumental impact on someone else’s life…

Walk 4 Water Group photo 2018
Most of this year’s Walk 4 Water group…

We’re still taking donations for the next couple of weeks, If you’d like to donate you can do so here. If you’d like more information about Healing Hands International’s clean water effort you can get that here. **ALL MONEY DONATED GOES TO HEALING HANDS INTERNATIONAL TO PROVIDE CLEAN WATER**

Thank you so much for letting me share with you something that is close to my heart. How something that we often take for granted can be LIFE-SAVING to someone else. Thank you for your support of this project!

Until next time,

Bailey Sue

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