Mended Garden Fence

Mending Fences

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Growing our homestead has been quite the process. The first couple of years we spent cleaning up the property and seeing the lay of the land. We burned some large brush piles and began trimming around the fenceline. When our previous neighbors moved a year or so later, they gave us their chicken coop, so we painted it and bought some laying hens. Then it was time to place and plant our first garden in the new house! Last year though, was a big year for The King’s Little Red Homestead.

We expanded the garden and added rabbits!

Living where we do there’s a risk for various unwanted animals to enter the garden and destroy it, domestic or otherwise. So we knew that we needed a fence to keep out as many as we could. So, using several T-posts and some chicken wire we created a fence. Dad built three wooden gates and we placed T-Posts at the four corners and a few down the sides of the perimeter of the garden. Then we strung chicken wire and pulled it as tight as possible attaching it to the to T-Posts with pieces of twisted metal wire.

As the weather is breaking we’re already starting on this year’s homesteading projects.

One of those projects was creating a larger run for the chickens. Someplace where they can get out and stretch their wings. Using the garden and the shed we’ve added more sections of chicken wire to “box in” the chickens. We attached the chicken wire to the garden fence and the boundary fence and /or T-Posts next to the shed with some strong zip ties.

Not only are we adding fencing for the chickens, but we’re also checking the existing fencing for gaps. Places in the garden where the fence is coming up. Areas where Trinity can break through the fence and terrorize the chickens. Or places, where the boundary fence is a little high and we never thought to fix it. Trinity can’t fit under it but Jasper can and takes every opportunity he can to go on an adventure. Under the deck has been closed off with lattice to prevent Jasper and the chickens from becoming trapped underneath.

Just as we’re going around the yard and looking for places where our fencing needs repair we need to search for areas in our lives where it’s easier for Satan to get through! Are there areas where he has snuck in and wrecked havoc in your life or has he busted through your boundaries?

“…and do not give the devil an opportunity.”
~Ephesians 4:27

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