Mini Canvases and Easels with name

Mother’s Day Gift Guide! <3

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Today, I decided to do something a little different. With Mother’s Day being just around the corner I thought that it might be fun to create a Gift Guide. Something to highlight some things that I think your Mom would love…Something that’s a little different than flowers and a card. After all we all have that one special Mom figure in our lives. It may be your mom, Grandma, a dear friend, or an aunt. Someone that’s been like a Mother to you and the one that you always call to wish a Happy Mother’s Day…

This Gift Guide for Mother’s Day contains 10 of my favorite items (in no particular order) that I believe Mom’s of all ages would enjoy! Let’s get to it shall we, time is of the essence!

1) A Mini Canvas and Easel

This shop was closed in 2020.

This is a new product that I’ve added recently and they are my Mom’s favorite! (It was actually her idea that I make these). I love them for several reasons among which is their size. They’re small, so they fit well anywhere; on a night stand, bookshelf, desk, etc. Any small place that needs a little pop of color.

There’s two options that you can choose from. One’s a wallet sized photo affixed to a THIN canvas and the other is a photo attached to a mini painted canvas with the color specifically chosen to highlight the photo. The designs pictured are as follows:

Mini Canvases and Easels with name

2) Notebooks

This shop was closed in 2020.

I LOVE notebooks! I can’t tell you the number of notebooks I buy that I never get around to actually filling. These notebooks are great; their size makes them ideal for a journal or taking sermon notes. There are four different types of paper you can choose for the inside as well: blank, dot grid, ruled, or a task page format. My Mom and Aunt love using the ruled pages for church notes! These are available in several different seasonal designs. To see every design that I have available check out my Pinterest board dedicated solely to notebooks HERE!

3) Bags

This shop was closed in 2020.

If your Mom is anything like mine she can never find the right purse or bag… Why not give your Mom a new bag for Mother’s Day? There’s so many choices, drawstring bags, messenger bags, lunch bags, tote bags, and even make up bags (which also make great pencil/pen pouches). You can view my Pinterest board showing all the colorful choices and styles HERE.

You could also pair one of the make up bags with a matching notebook and then get a colorful set of pens. And voila, Mother’s Day gift accomplished!

4) A Keepsake box

This shop was closed in 2020.

Moms often have several little trinkets. These Keepsake Boxes would be a wonderful solution to hold all of her little treasures. The wooden box comes in your choice of black or brown solid hardwood. The inside is lined in velvet and the bottom is covered in felt. I have several different designs and colors to choose from! All the different options can be seen HERE.

My Personal Favorites are:

  1. Colored Daises with the Black Hardwood
  2. Black and White Pansies with the Black Hardwood
  3. Budding Flowers with the Black Hardwood
  4. Pink Petunia with the Black Hardwood

5) A Framed Print

2019 Spring Merchandise_With URL

This shop was closed in 2020.

Each of the pictures above are also available in an 8×10 frame. Each of these frames are uniquely chosen to match the photo! This would be great to accent a room, decorate an office or create a wall collage of some of your mom’s favorite photos!

The photos available left to right are

6) Greeting Cards/Post Cards

This shop was closed in 2020.

Does your Mom love to send cards? I’ve got several different styles of cards and post cards to choose from. There’s your standard vertical greeting card, horizontal cards, and even post cards! The greeting cards can be bought in packs of 1, 10, or 20 and envelopes are included!

Easily add a set of colorful pens and a coffee mug (see below) to make a great gift! See all the available styles and options HERE.

7) Coffee Mugs

This shop was closed in 2020.

Is your Mom a coffee drinker or tea drinker? Why not get her a colorful coffee mug? These 11 oz mugs are dishwasher and microwave safe and come in a variety of designs!

Don’t like any of these ones? Check out my Pinterest board HERE showing a few more different sizes, designs, and styles including travel coffee cups, tumbers,  water bottles, and latte mugs!

8) A 14 day devotional

Mom knows that we love her but does she remember how deeply God loves her? Why not remind her by giving her a copy of my new book “Finding True Love: Exploring the deep love that God has for us”.

If you like things to be matchy-matchy pair the book with the Colored Daises coffee mug. That way she can learn about the love that God has for her while sipping her morning coffee or tea.

9) Jewelry

This shop was closed in 2020.

Does your Mom love jewelry? I’ve got all sorts of colorful designs ans styles to suit her fancy. There’s necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and charms in a variety of shapes and colors. In fact, I’ve got an entire Pinterest board devoted to all things Jewelry.

10) A Movie Night

Mom's Night Out__With Text

Instead of getting Mom a physical gift this year why not gift her an at home movie night. There’s no dressing up, no makeup, and NO leaving the house. Ya’ll that’s a win in my Mom’s book!

And you know what’s even better? A laugh-until-you’re-side-hurts all while being encouraged movie all about Motherhood! Mom’s Night Out is seriously one of my very favorite movies. It will make you laugh, cry, and be inspired to just be who God made you to be.

No matter what you choose to give your Mom this year for Mother’s Day I hope that you give her a call, send her a card, or email and let her know just how much you love and appreciate her and all the hats she’s worn for you over the years, the love she’s shown, and the example she’s set for you!!

Have a great weekend!

Until next time,

Bailey Sue