Sunset with clouds

Not Wishing the Season Away…

Anyone that knows me pretty much knows that my favorite time of the year is Fall. More precisely the time between my birthday (September 19) and Christmas. I love feeling the change in temperature, seeing the leaves change colors, and wearing boots and sweaters (boy, do I love sweaters…).

Last year we kinda missed out on having a Fall and decorating the house in all the harvest colors due to our housing fiasco (which you can read about here, here, here, here, and here). So, this year we are all really really excited and ready for Fall.

However something that I am realizing is that God doesn’t want us to wish our lives away. He has intricately planned every detail of our lives. There are things to see and learn and do in this season of our lives. Right where we are now. I know that it’s all too easy to wish for the next season in life (either literately or figuratively). However, God wants us to find joy and contentment in the here and now.

So, how does an Autumn loving girl find contentment and joy in the August heat? By realizing that life is short and ice cream is a staple. (; No, seriously, enjoy it while it lasts. Sure, it’s hot and muggy most days but there’s fans, air conditioning and sunshine in abundance. And before you know it there will be 6 inches of snow on the ground and we’ll all be wishing for Summer.

Realize that God has a reason for each and every season that we are in. He has lessons that He wants to teach us if we’ll only stop wishing and start listening.

Until next time,

Bailey Sue