Living Room Decorated for Christmas

Often Overlooked Blessings!

At about 11:30 am Sunday our power unexpectedly went out and didn’t come back on until 9:30 pm! I don’t think I’d expect anything less from 2020, especially since we had plans to decorate. However, despite the interruption, we had a really good day!

Looking back God was active in our lives on Sunday in such a natural way that I can’t help but take note of all the little blessings!

  1. Our Church decided to cancel in-person worship on Sunday and had a video available that we watched that morning so that we could begin decorating sooner and not have to stop by a specific time.
  2. We already had a roast cooking in the Crock-Pot and it was done cooking about the time the power went out!
  3. Having a Propane-powered stove and the space to use it safely!
  4. Being able to brainstorm and work together to create 2 normal Sunday meals that didn’t involve opening the refrigerator or the freezers!
  5. Completing a good chunk of the decorating and staying busy–not wasting a ton of time online!
  6. Having a generator! We live on a well so anytime the power goes out we lose the pump to the well. We were able to hook up the generator and have water, and use the propane stove to heat water to wash dishes!
  7. Both Dad and Bradley were home to help hook up the generator!
  8. High powered flashlights and batteries.
  9. A huge collection of oil lanterns and lamp oil!
  10. A fireplace to help heat the house–in the old house, we would have frozen!

And truthfully, that’s just the tip of the iceberg! There are so many other little things I could mention but what was made abundantly clear is that most often our biggest blessings are often overlooked. Often when writing my weekly “Friday Blessings” I’m looking for the big things while ignoring the little things that I just deem normal parts of life, like hot water, a camping stove that we’ve kept in storage for years, and a huge oil lamp collection! On Sunday we had just a fraction of the lamps in our collection lit and you couldn’t even tell that the power was out!

Until next time,

Bailey Sue