Our Daily Blessings! (:

At the beginning of July I decided to do a little challenge hosted by a fellow blogger. It’s called the #joylychallenge. Each day of the month of July I was challenged to take a picture of something that brought me joy and share it on social media…

Pausing each day to think about something that brought me happiness or made me smile was different. Sure I notice those things but I don’t really take notice. 

Doing this particular challenge has caused me to realize a couple of things. First, it’s helped me to see just how blessed I am. How good my life really is. Of course, it’s not perfect and won’t ever be, but it’s good. Second, I finally noticed how repetitive I’ve been when it comes to choosing blessings to share each week…It’s really forced me to pay closer attention to my life and the blessings that God gives me…For that I am thankful! With that let’s dive right into this week’s blessings!

1) Helping in the Garden

As excited as I am about actually having a ginormous garden this year aside from planting the garden I haven’t done much to maintain it…But this week I’ve done a few things to make sure that helping in the garden and being outside are a priority! On Wednesday I was able to go outside and help mulch the garden with the grass clippings and then yesterday Daddy and I watered the garden! I’m thankful that I can set some boundaries and learn to prioritize what is really important! And I’m also looking forward to salsa and green beans here soon. The tomatoes are getting so close. Here soon they’ll be turning!

2) A Candy Man for Dogs

Growing up at church there was this one older gentleman that always handed out caramels and peppermints to people…Currently at church suckers seem to be all the rage. There’s a couple of people that hand the little kids suckers and they love it! You always know who’s turn it is to hand out the suckers. Just follow the children!

A day or so ago we decided to take Trinity on our morning walk around the Rec Center. When we go about 7ish there’s a lot of sweet older people also walking on the path. This particular day an older gentleman saw Trinity and asked if she liked treats. When we responded that she did he proceed to offer her one from the stash in his pocket. Ya’ll this sweet man and his wife didn’t even have a dog with them but they somehow carried dog treats for any dogs they saw on the path! It was the sweetest thing!

3) A Summer-y Recipe

Several weeks ago now I found a magazine that had some recipes in the back. I had been meaning to get with Mom and see if she wanted to try any for dinner one night but I kept forgetting. Until this week! This week we finally remembered and decided to take a look. We settled on this chicken and chickpea one. Last night I made it for dinner and we all decided that it was a repeat recipe! They were super easy to make, contained normal everyday ingredients, and tasted really good! They reminded us of homemade chicken gyros! Yummy!

I’ve included the recipe below if you want to try them for yourself! If you do, I’d love to see what yours look like! Be sure to tag me on Instagram and Facebook!

What are some of the blessings that you’ve noticed in your life this week? I’d love for you to share them in the comments below! Have a great weekend!

Until next time,

Bailey Sue