farm fresh eggs

Our Daily Blessings

Well, it’s Friday; that means that it’s time for me to share some of this past week’s blessings. So, here we go…

1) A plan foward

I am getting close to being able to open my own online shop. With that being said there are still a few small “projects” that need to be completed before I can begin the set up process. This week I have been able to formulate a plan to complete most of these projects within a couple of weeks!

2) Farm Fresh Eggs

farm fresh eggsLast Saturday we decided to make an outside workday. While working Dad started talking to our neighbors who own some chickens. We learned a little bit more about the area and they offered us a dozen eggs. We decided to save the eggs until the next Saturday because we usually have a big breakfast, but we have plans for early tomorrow so we’re doing breakfast for dinner tonight! (:

3) Being reminded that it’s okay to fail

 I have the tendency to not want to do anything until I know that I can do it perfectlyWhen taking small steps I want to know that each step  I take is the right one and that I won’t mess up and ultimately fail. During a conversation today I was reminded that it is okay to fail. Failure is a part of this life. Not doing something just because I am afraid of failing isn’t accomplishing anything. I need to remember that even in failure there are lessons to be learned. Failure isn’t something to fear; it’s something to be embraced.

 4) Sunshine and Spring Temps

Although it’s only February we are slated to have some Spring-like temperatures this weekend!! Today it’s been very sunny and according to the weather on my phone, it’s 63° right now. I love sunny days. One of the things I like to do on nice days is to take a drive. I love riding in the car listening to the radio and thinking about life. I’ve been fortunate to be able to do that twice today. Yeah, we’ve made two different trips to the store because we keep forgetting to buy butter. (;

What are some of the daily blessings that you have noticed in your life this past week? I’d love for you to share them in the comments below. I hope that ya’ll have a great weekend.

Until next time,

Bailey sue