country sunrise with a barn

Our Daily Blessings

Happy Friday ya’ll! Here’s some of my daily blessings from this past week and a little hint at what’s coming next week…

Feeling Caught Up

We have had a lot go on recently. Some days it doesn’t feel like we have really stopped since last June. This week has been different. Even though we still have chores to do and wood to cut it doesn’t feel like we are behind any more! It’s not really a routine per say it’s more of a slowdown–a normalcy and peacefulness to our days that wasn’t there before.

Seeing The Light

I wrote yesterday that it felt like I had been in a funk for quite a while and I finally figured out why. Last night I decided that I was putting my foot down–I was finally done making excuses. So this morning I finally really read my Bible and spent time in prayer. And it felt so good. I think that I really needed to spend time doing that. If I got nothing else done today I believe that I would have felt better just because I spent time in the Word and in prayer.

An Exciting Addition Coming Soon

For a few weeks now I have been wanting to expand this blog a little and incorporate some more fun based posts. I think that I have finally thought of a solution (with the help of Mom…seriously I have no idea where this blog would be without her brilliant ideas!) So, stay tuned…It’s coming very soon…(:

I hope that ya’ll had a great week! I’d love to hear some of the daily blessings from your life in the comments below!

Until next time,

Bailey Sue