Budding Flowers

Our Daily Blessings

Well congratulations, you’ve made it to March! (: I know that sounds really crazy, but hey, they say time goes by faster the older you get…That must mean I’m getting pretty old…because these past two months have just FLOWN by.

Here’s some of the little blessings that I have noticed from this past week.

1) A Different Kind of Morning

This morning was a little different than most. Daddy went into work late so that we could drop Trinity off at the vet get her “fixed”. Once we got home we were able to just take it easy for a couple of hours. We ate breakfast and just chilled. It was quite nice.

And speaking of Trinity…

2) Trinity’s doing great and being spoiled…

We were able to call the vet any time after 1:00 pm to check up on her. She’s doing great! She loves people and attention. Anytime we go somewhere with her she always gets a lot of compliments. So, I’m sure she is being spoiled with love and attention…or she’s zonked out…or there’s the slight possibility that she’s driving the staff nuts because she’s a BIG bundle of hyper puppy!

3) A Chance to go LIVE my Life…

So, I’ve spoken multiple times about my struggle of living vicariously through movies, T.V. and any other number of social outlets. But today I have been given the opportunity to go and live my life. Tonight a few of the ladies from my Bible study are going out for a few hours to catch up and just chat about life. I was a little hesititant (and a little or a lot dramatic) but after some thought and prayer I feel that God wants me to go and I have decided that I will enjoy myself. (:

4) Budding Flowers

Budding FlowersSo, If you’re not in Ohio; let me take a minute to bring you up to speed. The weather has been crazy. It is anywhere between 50 -70 degrees for three or four days at a time and then the temperatures PLUMMET back to winter. This plummet occurs usually within 24 hours…So my allergies have never really gone away. BUT I was very pleased to notice that we have flowers budding! I think that it may be a little early as we are still technically in winter, but I think they look really pretty and provide a nice pop of green on a cold, gloomy, rainy day.

5) The 1 Year Anniversary

It has been exactly one whole year since I started Blournaling. The Blournal was a word that Mom created to describe my offline blog if you will. Through the Spring and Summer of last year, I would “blog” on a word processor as practice for this blog that you’re reading. The word blournal is a combination of the words blog and journal. I remember asking Mom how on earth I would ever be able to update this blournal because I could NEVER keep a journal. But God had a bigger plan and not only was I able to keep that up to date more so than a journal but I have only missed a few days on this blog since it went live. I’m not perfect and I miss a few days every now and then but I feel I have really grown emotionally and spiritually since I started this journey!

I hope that ya’ll had a great week. I want to encourage you to go out a live life a little. It doesn’t have to be something big. Just go treat yourself to an iced coffee or chocolate. Invite a friend to go along and go window shopping for a few hours. Have fun.

What are some of the daily blessings that you have noticed in your life this past week? I’d love for you to share them in the comments below. Have a great weekend!(:

Until next time,

Bailey Sue