Our Daily Blessings

1) Rainy Monday

Monday was wet and dreary. It rained on and off for most of the day. But I am thankful that it was rain and NOT snow. The rain also brought out some of the birds. I saw two robbins hanging around the backyard–I’ve heard it said that robbins are the first sign of Spring!(: The other thing that I am thankful for is that I was able to recognize when I started to feel down and I was able to do something about it(: I never really felt 100% better, but I knew that by taking some steps in the right direction I did a lot better than I would have if I hadn’t done that.

2) A Continual Improvement

Monday was a very rough day for me. But as the week has gone on I have been able to make a small improvement each day. I am thankful for seeing ways to improve and do a little better than the day before. I know that I will never have a perfect day, but the goal of this life isn’t perfection. The goal is to make small improvements day by day so that in the end we look more like Jesus.

3) Gaining Consistency

As I noted in previous posts, I have really struggled this year getting into a good Bible study/exercise routine. This week has been a really good turning point for me. I have finally found a good Bible study time and have spent time in the Word and prayer each day. I have also been able to do some form of exercise the last four days and I have plans to move skids later today.

4) Reading the Bible

I have to say that I was a little skeptical about reading the Bible through in a year myself as we had been reading it as a family for years. I put my foot down and silenced the excuses and decided that I would try and read the Bible through in a year (even though I was about a month and a half behind). And I have to say that I have learned so much more than I thought I would.

I thought that I would just approach this as something to check off my list for the day. I feared that I would read the Bible without actually comprehending the words that I was reading. But as I began to read I noticed more and more little things that I had never seen before. I am able to see more of God’s loving character than His judgment. And I start each day eager to see what I can learn.

I hope that ya’ll have had a great week. I encourage you to pick up your Bible and read it. You never know what God will show you. Don’t read it to check it off your list, read it because God wants you to. Read it because you want to. Even if it’s just a chapter a day, that’s a great start.

Have a great weekend! (:

Until next time,

Bailey Sue