Curvy Road

Our Daily Blessings

Happy Friday! Can you believe that it’s already April? It seems like this year is flying by! I enjoy taking a minute or two to reflect on some of the good things that have happened in the last week. Sometimes noticing the blessings takes a good chunck of time. Other times I’m able to notice them right away. I encourage you to do the same, I find that noticing the little blessings that each day has to offer is a way to focus on the good and less on the negative. So, here we go!

1) Not having internet for a day

As I mentioned in Wednesday’s post our internet was out most of the day Tuesday.Once I reminded myself that yes, I can live without the internet I was able to see the blessings of not having internet. Sure, it’s a big inconvience when I can’t blog, but yesterday I was reminded of a very important lesson. I was reminded that it is so important to pay attention to what you are watching and how it affects your thoughts. I was reminded that what I watch and listen to has a BIG impact on how I feel. Being reminded of that has allowed me to take a step back and fill up on good, encouraging, and truthful things.

2) Our power not going out

The other day we got some severe weather. It mainly consisted of some strong winds, heavy rain, and some small hail. Our lights flickered a couple of times, but they never went out. It’s a huge blessing becasue now that we have well water if we loose power we don’t have water. Hopefully we will get a generator before the next heavy storm.

3) Getting out in the sunshine

Curvy RoadOne of my favorite things to on a nice day is to go for a ride. I love being out in the bright sun listening to some of my favorite encouraging songs. We had some errands to run this afternoon so I was able to enjoy the bright sunshine and a nice drive on some slightly curvy roads that take me back to childhood trips to see family.

What are some daily blessings that you have noticed in your life this past week? I’d love for you to share them in the comments below! Have a great weekend!

Until next time,

Bailey Sue