Firefighter Bradley

Our Daily Blessings!(:

Happy Friday Ya’ll! I hope that you’ve had a good week . Here’s some of the blessings that I have noticed in my life this past week.

1) Getting Wood ready for winter

Stacked WoodThis week we’ve been cutting a lot of wood to get ready for the upcoming cooler temperatures. I can not tell you how excited I am for Fall. I am ready for jeans, sweaters, hoodies, bonfires, and fires in the fireplace. It’s been a really good workout moving and stacking wood a couple of nights this past week. And it feels good to know that we are all working together for a common goal and that there is no job that is too small…All jobs are important.

2) Seeing Dreams Come True

Firefighter Bradley
2006 and 6 years old–2017 and 17 years old

Before each of us kids started Kindergarten we went through a program called “Passport to Safety”. The program taught kids the importance of stranger danger, when to call 911, and introduced us to first responders. One particular day was Firefighter day. Some of the local Firemen would come with their ambulances and firetrucks so that we could be somewhat familiar with them and not be scared of them. There was also a firefighter that put on all of his gear so that we could see what he looked like and in the event of a fire run to him and not away from him. This was Bradley’s favorite day (and my least favorite day–I still get a teeny bit creeped out by the ambulances.)

This week Bradley has had the opportunity to help out with the program. He went yesterday and got to put on all the gear (including the breathing apparatus for the very first time) and be that firefighter that the kids had to high-five (and occasionally hug). Today he has the pleasure of being Sparky (who terrified him as a child). It’s really neat to see him come “full circle” if you will. From a star-struck child loving the engines to a 17-year old that gets to dress up in all the real gear and be on the engine.

3) New Designs added

Owl Scarecrows Facebook Image for BlogIn preparation for Fall, I have added a few new designs to my shop. You can view and purchase them here, here, and here if you wish. I plan on adding more in the next couple of weeks so if you don’t see one you absolutely love just hang tight there’s more coming…

What are some of the blessings that you have noticed in your life this past week? I’d love for you to share them in the comments below.

Have a great weekend and be safe watching the eclipse Monday!

Until next time,

Bailey Sue