Bradley's Firefighter Graduation_ With text

Our Daily Blessings! (:

Well hello there! Happy Saturday! I hope that you’ve had a good week full of Christmas cheer! It’s time once again for us to take a minute amid the Christmas hubbub and count our blessings. Are you ready? I hope so!!

1) We are DONE with the crazy scheduling!!

Oh, how happy this makes me! Bradley took his final test on Tuesday and actually graduated the Fire Academy yesterday! Daddy and I both have ONE week of work left for the year and then we can all be home and celebrate to our heart’s content. The constant running here and there should be done and we can sit by the warm fire and just enjoy being together; cooking, watching movies, or listening to music.  One of my favorite times of the year is when everyone is finally HOME, together for the Holidays! (:

2) Bradley Graduating!

Bradley's Firefighter Graduation_ With text

Technically speaking Bradley’s a high school senior and graduates in May of 2019. However, with the way that we were able to plan things out he graduated from the Fire Academy yesterday! He’s worked SO hard on this! Reading over a 1,000 page book cover to cover and then reviewing for days on end, taking tests, and completing work sheets. And let’s not forget about all those days in the 90° heat and humidity and freezing temperatures being physically active and putting out fire (set with skids and hay) so that they could practice for the real thing.

Not only does He STILL run to the nearest window whenever he hears a siren, he now can actually drive the trucks and go into the fires…and he knows a whole lot more technical jib jab and protocol about fires then I’ll ever be able to comprehend!  Now, we just hope and pray that he never has to actually enter a burning building…ever!

3) NOT blowing the engine on the van

So, last Sunday we were driving to church and all of a sudden the oil light comes on and there’s a really loud constant beeping noise because somehow we’re out of oil…(That’s really odd since we just had the oil changed). So, we decided to pull over to let it rest a minute because the dash board is less than reliable now a days. When we turn the car back on and nothing has changed we decided to head home and take it to get looked at after church.

So, we had maybe a 10 minute drive ahead of us to get home. As we’re driving home we’re keeping an eye on all the gauges making sure that nothing gets too warm. By the time we get home we have NO oil left in the oil tank…We think we blew a gasket or something causing all the oil to leak out.

Once we had it fixed we also discovered that we had a fuel leak we knew nothing about. Despite the frustrations we often have with this vehicle I’m thankful for several things. 1) We didn’t blow the engine even though we had to drive it a couple of miles without oil. 2) We never blew up while driving on the highway due to the fuel leak. 3) The situation happened close to home, when both Dad and Bradley were in the van.

What are some of the blessings that you have noticed in your life this past week? I’d love for you to share them in the comments below! Have a great weekend!

Until next time,

Bailey Sue