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Our Daily Blessings! (:

Hello and happy first day of March! Despite the cold weather and snow in the forecast again Spring really is just around the corner. I hope that you’ve had a good week. Are you ready to take a look back and find a few blessings?

1) Designing the Butterfly Garden!

So, I’ve been finding myself wasting way too much time online in the past couple of weeks. I was telling Mom that I needed to find myself a hobby that didn’t really involve the internet and finding the story behind all those songs that I like. As well as something that I could get up and do. I sit most of the day working and wanted something a little more active that wasn’t necessarily “active”…

So, she suggested that I help design the Butterfly Garden. Ya’ll, this is SO COOL! I feel like I get to pretend to be Chip and Joanna Gaines this Summer! She gave me a few ideas of what she wanted to include but gave me the creative license as long as she approves–which I’m not too worried about because we tend to have the same style. The BEST part is that we already have several of the pieces that we want to include and the seeds to all the flowers that we want to plant. So once we get those HUGE, NASTY Yucca plants uprooted and thrown into the fire (excluding the two or three my Grandmother requested) we should be able to get started!

Be sure to follow me on Facebook and Instagram as I’ll be posting updates there more frequently than on the blog. Now if only we have a little bit of time this weekend to go out and measure the area so that I can start creating a blueprint BEFORE the snow arrives! (:

2) A more relaxed schedule–SPRING BREAK

Next week Bradley has Spring Break! And that means that for 5 WHOLE days I DON’T have to get up before the sun! We still have things that need done and errands to run but I’m immensely thankful that we can do so at a more relaxed pace. (:

3) A little taste of Spring!

The past few days have been a little warmer for Winter. 40’s and even a day or two in the low 50’s. Even though there’s a large snowstorm in the forecast for Sunday :/ I really like the fact that this time of the year God gives us little reminders of Spring. Warmer days to remind us that the cold won’t last forever!

The same is true in life. Seasons change and even though the season that you’re in may feel like it’s lasting forever God gives us little hints that it’ll get better. Little stars in the dark of night to remind us that He’s still there, that He’s still good, and that He loves us.

What are some of the blessings that you’ve noticed in your life this past week? I’d love for you to share them in the comments below! Have a great weekend!

Until next time,

Bailey Sue