Skid Buster_Long View

Our Daily Blessings…Together as a Family

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For some reason I tend to think that January isn’t that busy of a month, and I’m usually wrong. It hasn’t been too bad; just the same old, same old. We’re still adjusting to the new routine of work, school, and house projects…

As a family our suppertime schedule fluctuates pretty regularly.

It depends on Daddy’s work schedule if we have errands to run in the evening, and the projects we’re in the middle of when Dad gets home. For the last several months we’ve been trying to eat healthier. As a result we don’t keep a lot of processed food in the house. However, we had a partial box of instant mashed potatoes in the cupboard and they came in handy this past Monday. It was a busy day and thankfully supper didn’t take as long to prepare as it could have.

Living on a homestead and heating almost exclusively with a fireplace we go through a LOT of firewood. Dad’s able to bring skids home from work and we spend evenings and weekends working together as a family cutting them apart and then cutting them to length. Dad works in Shipping and Receiving and can talk to anybody about anything. As a result he knows a LOT of people. Dad’s also really smart and resourceful. He saw something similar and needed it to be stronger, drew a picture, handed to some guy at work, and ta-da…

Skid Buster_Long ViewMeet Skid Buster!

Skid Buster In ActionThis thing is awesome! For one thing I can actually use it! I’m super uncoordinated. There was this one time I tripped over a ladder LAYING in the MIDDLE of the floor and messed up my knee…So having me operate a large, heavy, and sharp motorized knife probably isn’t the safest idea. But it also makes life SO much easier! It literally takes maybe 3 minutes to break a part a skid! Before we were lucky if the chainsaw started within 3 minutes!

I’ve said here time and again how thankful I am for my family. And I am. Sure, we get on each other’s nerves, but in the end we’re there to support and ultimately love each other. But something that I’ve noticed a lot more lately is that we pray for each other. We’ve had group text conversations asking for different prayer requests and just this week Mom sat down with each of us three kids and created a little notecard about things that we each wanted to be praying for. Then she made copies of them and passed them out to everyone in the family so that we could be praying for each other daily!

What are some of the blessings that you’ve noticed in your life this past week? I’d love for you to share them in the comments below! Have a great weekend! (:

Until next time,

Bailey Sue

 P.S. January can be a lonely time. The Holidays are behind us, it’s dark and sometimes snowy. As a result, it’s easy to forget how loved we are. If you need a reminder check out my book below. It’s available in e-book and paperback.