Homemade Biscotti

Our New Normal…

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I have to say I’ve really enjoyed this week. We’re getting into a nice routine with everyone being home. It’s going to be quite an adjustment when life goes back to normal… I’m really enjoying all this extra time at home. I always thought I was an extrovert. I’m finding out that I’m way more introverted than I thought…no wonder I chose a job where I didn’t have to leave the house often! (:

As excited as I am for things to go back to normal I’ll miss this.

The way that our days aren’t rushed and we have time to leisurely do things. Everyone working on the homestead and still keeping up with work, school, and the chores. It’s been nice and peaceful the past couple of weeks. I could really get used to this new normal.

We’ve been trying a ton of new recipes lately. This week we tried three. A Ham and rice chowder (that I forgot to photograph :/), Biscotti, and a vanilla cake. I’ve always liked Biscotti but often times it was so hard it’d hurt my mouth, so I cooked it a little less than the time it called for and it came out perfectly! The outside was really crunchy and the inside was nice and toasty. I even got to experiment making a lemon glaze. It turned out really well! (: We also made Lemon Bars using a recipe for Lemon Cookies. Instead of making individual cookies, we spread the dough out in a cookie sheet. And we like them better than the cookies! (:

11 Cubic Feet of dirt arrived on Tuesday…

The large dirt pile in the driveway…

By Wednesday night Dad, Jr., and JoJo had all the new beds filled. After looking at all the seedlings we have, the plants we have coming in the mail, and the starters we want to buy in May, we need to expand the garden AGAIN. We already added 2 new beds and we’re going to add 4 more. Two identical to the ones we already have and two long rectangular beds. For now, though the garden beds that we filled are just waiting for the last cold snap to break before we can start planting.

All filled and ready for planting…

Our seedlings have grown so much that we’re replanting them! Many of our tomato plants have 2 seedlings per section in the seed tray. We need to separate them before they get too big and their roots too intertwined. We’ll be doing that sometime this weekend.

“Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with your might…”
~Ecclesiastes 9:10a

Until next time,
Bailey Sue