Fall Hiking Trail

Persevering through the twists and turns…

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We went hiking at a new-to-us place on Sunday…and it was interesting.

We pull in and park near several other cars, consult the map, and pick our route. Then we start walking. The beginning of the trail was a marked paved road. Honestly, that fact alone was a mixed bag. I enjoy walking on pavement because it’s a little more even and less slippery than gravel. But we took both dogs and they were quite anxious. There were SO many new smells and places to explore not to mention the cars that made them nervous as they passed.

The paved road just kept going. As we went on we were all a little uneasy. The dogs kept making us nervous because they wanted to walk in the road. We weren’t sure exactly how this particular place was designed and why there weren’t any markers or where the trail was, and I have a fear of getting stranded in the middle of nowhere…

But we kept walking and following Dad. Somewhere along the way, he started walking one of the dogs and they did SO much better. They’d walk beside him and stay there. They were calmer and as a result, so were we.

Eventually, we found a trail a ways down the paved road, explored a little and turned back as it started to rain. But thinking back I learned a few lessons…

  1. Embrace the Adventure! I’m NOT good at this one…2020 has shown me that in a big way. But if we can learn to let go of fear–even for just a few minutes and EMBRACE where we are…to truly live in the moment…it’ll change things. We went hiking on Sunday to see some of the Fall colors before they vanished. The colors weren’t as vibrant as we had hoped but the colors were a LOT more vibrant and pretty on the paved road than they were on the path.
  2. Walk next to the Father. My Dad has a knack for many things. Among them is the uncanny ability to remain calm even when the rest of us are very uncertain. When the dogs were walking with any of us they’d be pulling at the leash making us all very uneasy–and everyone would feed off that uneasiness. When they walked with Dad we ALL did better. We ALL were calmer and a little more relaxed…even though everything else was still uncertain.
  3. Persevere. Dad kept leading us on. We were wondering how much longer we would be on the pavement, and if we should turn back. Eventually we reached another parking lot and the entrance to the trail! We ventured down the trail a little ways and then turned back once it started to rain. If we let God lead us and keep going along the twists and turns of life we’ll eventually be given the greatest gift–eternal life (John 3:16, John 16:33)

Until next time,

Bailey Sue

P.S. Whenever we go hiking it’s always an adventure. Even for just a short hike there’s a lot of things we like to take with us. Bradley and Billie Jo each carry one of these backpacks. Bradley’s holds all the human first aid things and JoJo’s carries all the pet first aid. Thankfully we’ve never had to use them but we always like to be prepared. Just in case…

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