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Reflections on Prayer…

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I don’t know about you but one of my all-time favorite inspirational movies is War Room”. I love the strong focus on prayer. So often in life prayer is my last resort. I’ll talk about the issue for HOURS, make plans, write lists and think and think and think. All before I remember to turn to God in prayer.

If I were to be honest I kind of envy their prayer life. I’ve read books, tried acronyms and journals galore but I still can’t seem to get a prayer life like that…And trust me, there’s absolutely no way I could turn my closet into my own little “War Room”. I’ve already thought of that…Multiple times.

But here’s the thing that I’m wondering. God is all about relationship. Breaking down barriers, tearing curtains, and just showing up! He didn’t have some crazy well blocked to do list. He just did what God led Him to do. Love on people and show them a better way.

What would happen if we started to look at prayer a little differently? What if like Ms. Clara prayer wasn’t just some rote response before a meal or something we say just before we fall asleep at night. But instead, it became a way of life?

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What if we really began to take note of what happened to those who didn’t consult God before making a decision (1 Samuel 25, Joshua 9)? What if we realized what happened to those who DID consult God and things changed for the better (2 Kings 20)?

See, prayer isn’t just a last resort it’s the only real way to bring about change. God knows all things. He knows what happened yesterday and what’s going to happen tomorrow. He knows the future of our nation and who’s going to win each and every election come Tuesday. Only by yielding to Him in each and every decision no matter how small will we be able to change the world.

God changes the world one soul at time…And through His Spirit interceding for us (Romans 8:26-27) we can change the world. One prayer at a time.

Don’t EVER underestimate the power of ONE prayer to the ONE who can change hearts, lives and the nations we inhabit.

Until next time,

Bailey Sue

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