Baking Christmas cookies

Remembering Christmas!

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A few years back Matthew West came out with a new Christmas song titled “A Christmas to Believe In”. It’s one of my many favorite Christmas songs for many reasons. Among them being that many of my childhood memories center around the Christmas season.

Remembering these Christmas memories always bring a smile to my face!

Growing up Christmas has always been a big deal in our house. We’ve made it a point to do things together. Whether that’s decorating, baking cookies, watching movies, or cooking the Christmas Dinner we do it together. Although remembering the past Christmas memories we cherish the Christmas that we have now!

I love that this song doesn’t focus on the usual hustle and bustle of the Holiday season. Sure the house is loud and hot but that’s because we’re surrounded by family and the oven’s been on all day long. It’s not about finding the best deal or buying the hottest gadget…it’s simply about being together with family and friends and the simple moments that turn to memories.

Cousins and monkeysLike that one time my Grandparents got all the grand kids disk shooters for Christmas. We were back in the hallway shooting our colored disks at the bedroom door for hours. I think that was the one time I realized just how hot Great Grandma kept the house. I’m pretty sure the thermostat read 80°–no wonder we packed shorts and t-shirts and stripped toddlers down to their diaper!

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To be honest there’s very few gifts that I actually remember getting for Christmas. But what I do remember is what we did. Cleaning the house while BLASTING Christmas music (a favorite album and song of mine to play at full volume are below), baking Christmas cookies and making a MESS! We’d bake cookies for over two hours and Mom would be cleaning the kitchen for at least an hour afterwards.

Baking Christmas cookies

Listening to Christmas music all month long, It wasn’t always the newest artists either. I grew up on Bing Crosby, Andy Williams, and The Carpenter’s. There was even that one year that Mom and Dad woke us up on Sunday morning by blaring “You’re a Mean One Mr. Grinch”. Or decorating the house. We’d spend a day or two just getting out the decorations. Some of the decorations we’ve had longer than I’ve been alive. Thankfully they still light up and every once in a while Mrs. Clause moves…

Santa and Mrs. Claus

Or listening to Christmas CD’s in the portable CD player (Yes, I am that old) enjoying the curvy roads on the way up my Great-Grandparent’s Christmas Day. Enjoying that split second of cold December air after stepping out of the van in their driveway. Then taking a minute to smell the air…wood smoke and Christmas dinner. Then walking in the garage, up the stairs, and around the corner. The T.V. was blaring some football game, cousins were screaming, the kitchen was a flurry of activity putting the finishing touches on the dinner, all the hugs and hellos from family while also realizing how over or under dressed you were. It NEVER FAILED we’d wear comfy clothes, they’d dress up or vise-versa. You truly never knew quite what to wear.

Playing Cards with Great GrandmaThat’s what Christmas is to me. Being together with family…amid the changes of life some of the traditions have changed over the years. For example, we no longer bake enough goodies to feed an army..just a few of our favorites. Instead of going to Great Grandma’s to have Christmas Dinner, we play a few rounds of Laser Tag and then go to my Aunt’s house. But still, we gather together, thank the Lord for our blessings and spend time with those we love.

Laser Tag 2017

Christmas is never going to be what it once was. As sad as that is sometimes to wrap our minds and hearts around, each and every year we’re gifted a Christmas worth remembering…A Christmas to believe in and be reminded of our blessings, those we love and the hope that we have not just at Christmas but all year long.

Until next time,

Bailey Sue