Reorganizing and Celebrating! (:

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I’ve been working on some big projects lately and as always there are some unforeseen tech issues involved. So, I wasn’t able to update ya’ll last week. But good news, the tech issues have now been resolved (finally)!! Progress is being made one tiny step at a time! (:

And now, onto some of the good things that happened last week! First off, my book “Finding True Love: A 14 day devotional exploring the deep love that God has for us!” turned a year old January 30!! Even a year later it seems odd to me that I’m actually an author. For years I’ve wanted to write a book but I wasn’t even sure where to begin let alone how to actually publish it for the world to read. And now after a lot of hard work and multiple times of kicking fear out the door, I’m a published author!

A few months ago I got sick and tired of having an extremely small social life…

For the most part, I’m fairly extroverted and love being around people. I know it seems odd that as an extrovert I have a very introverted job. I’m not kidding when I say that some weeks I don’t leave the house for anything other than Church. As a result, we as a family decided to invite a few other friends over once a month. We literally hang out in the basement playing games, eating food, and talking. Sometimes we’ll even watch a movie or two. Last time we all got together my one friend who loves to shop at Kohl’s bought and donated some games to the cause. We haven’t played all of them yet but so far we like the ones we’ve played!


This week has been going really well. As part of some of the projects I’m working on I’ve decided to spend some time reorganizing everything business wise!

I was honestly quite leery of doing this simply because I tend to do this every year and not really accomplish much of anything other than creating yet another schedule that I end up tossing out the window after three days and wasting time.

This year though, it’s different. As I’m reorganizing I’m able to see just how far I’ve come in the almost 4 years I’ve had this blog! I’m seeing dreams, hopes and plans that have now become reality. I was telling Mom the other day that I feel like this time I’m spending on reorganizing and other projects I’m doing is like a trampoline. Preparing me to jump to higher heights and accomplish more things. I’m still not sure where it’s all going to lead to just yet but I can already see doors opening…

Shop Lehman's Now!

A while ago I had wanted to work with Lehman’s. We purchase things from them regularly and LOVE going up to visit their store! It’s very old fashioned and vintage. Many of the things they sell help the Amish continue their lifestyle and make it easy for those of us who love the old fashioned life and quality made products to take a step back in time and enjoy the simpler life. It’s really fun to just walk around the store exploring. There’s so much to see. The store itself is HUGE…There’s so many little nooks and crannies. It’s really easy to get lost in there especially since there’s a café! However, at the time I applied they needed to update some things on their end before I could join… I kind of let the account fall by the wayside for a while.

This week as part of my reorganizing I just discovered that Lehman’s INVITED me to work with them!!

Ya’ll THAT WAS GOD! I would not have seen their invitation if I hadn’t been willing to attempt reorganizing my office and storage areas again! I am really happy that I get to share this company with you! Many of the lanterns and Cast Iron pans that we use on a daily basis came from there. Including our pie pans and bread pans. Seriously, if you haven’t made bread or homemade pizza in a Cast Iron pan you’re missing out. There’s something unique about cooking in Cast Iron, not only is it easier to clean but the food just tastes better!

I was telling ya’ll earlier this week that it’s been super cloudy and deery. Which it has, but we’ve also had the pleasure of experiencing three of the four seasons this week.

Spring on Sunday and Monday with some sunshine and temperatures in the 50’s to low 60’s. Tuesday it felt like Fall with a cold rain falling and cloudy skies. The past couple of days we’ve been back to Winter. Temperatures are in the 30’s and 40’s and we’ve got a couple inches of snow! At least the white snow is making it a little brighter out now! I’m not sure if the drastic temperature changes are just because it’s Ohio or the weather pattern…

Despite the crazy weather I’m thankful that it has been a good week! I’m having many more of those lately and I’m enjoying it! Have a great weekend!

Until next time,

Bailey Sue

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  1. Congratulations on a new opportunity and a fresh 2020 vision or your business!! I recently listened to a webinar about creating an business operations manual–one binder for everything you do and how you do it. I think it will ultimately save time and energy as well as helping me to stay focused on the essence of my business.

    1. Thank you! That sounds like a good idea. I actually upgraded from multiple binders to file boxes and that seems to be working well! (:

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