2021 Garden

Rooted & Grounded

Memorial Day is a day that’s set aside to remember and honor those who have died for our freedom. As I get older I realize more and more just how costly freedom is. It’s a hard-fought-for battle that never really ends. It’s something that we need to be constantly aware of and take the necessary steps to protect and preserve it for future generations. And we need to continually be aware of just how much these men and women sacrifice for OUR freedom. All gave some but some gave all…

For most of America, Memorial Day is also the unofficial start of Summer. Families gather for picnics or barbeques or visit the local pool for the first time. Our family hasn’t really been normal in that regard. For us, it’s usually the weekend we plant the garden.

We had a hearty breakfast of Fresh Eggs with spinach and onions, toasted homemade bread and mystery jam, and hash browns. After tidying the kitchen we headed out to start planting. First things first; we had to weed the beds and trim the onions.

Once the beds were weeded we officially started planting!

For the most part, the majority of the garden is planted simply by dropping a seed or plant in a hole, covering it with dirt, and watering it. The tomatoes take a little longer, but they’re my favorite thing to plant.

Throughout the year we fertilize the garden adding compost, manure, and grass clippings. The tomatoes get a little extra fertilizer just before we plant them. In each hole, we add a scoop of used coffee grounds, a scoop of crushed eggshells, and a banana peel or a piece of bruised banana. Then we take the tomato plant out of the container and separate the roots just a little. And then we pluck off all the low-hanging branches from the plant and literally bury all but the top 3 or so inches. After adding a wooden stake for the plant to vine on as it gets bigger and giving them a nice long shower under the hose they’re good to go.

“So that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith–that you being rooted and grounded in love…”
~Ephesians 3:17

When we plant the tomatoes we plant them deep. Burying all but the top 2-3 inches. Not only that but we also add some extra nourishment to the soil. And this got me thinking about how we need to be rooted deeply in Christ and make sure that we are feeding from His word and staying on top of the “weeds” in our lives before they overtake the garden of our heart and choke out any of the fruit that we’ve started to grow.

Until next time,

Bailey Sue