Daddy and Calico

Safe in Our Father’s Arms

One of my favorite times of the day is just before bed. I’m all comfy in my pajamas and curled up with a good book or my journal waiting on Mom and Dad to come up and tell me good night. Just about this time Calico comes up and meows and meows rubbing up against me and wanting me to pet her. It seems that she is starved for attention.

And then Daddy comes up. Sometimes Calico will hear Dad come up the steps and walk through the sitting room and drop whatever she is doing and run to him. Other times she just waits expectantly meowing and slowly losing her patience. Finally, after he tells us good night he picks her up and just pets her. She starts purring almost the minute Dad picks her up and she loves it. That little bit of love just before bed. We laugh and say that Calico needs to be tucked in each night.

This morning Dad had an extra minute before he had to leave for work and Calico went into the kitchen and “asked” to be picked up. Daddy did for just a minute and then brought her into Jojo (the only other person in the house that can hold her without protest). Jojo then asked Dad if he was going to take her to work with him this morning. He answered her by saying no, he wouldn’t take her with him the big machines would scare her.

Now, I know that Dad would never take our pets to work with him but at 6:00 in the morning when he said that it got me thinking.

She would be safe with him. Sure, she’d be scared and uncomfortable by all of the big loud machines. But she would be safe. Daddy would watch her because he wouldn’t want her to get hurt and he loves her.

That’s sort of like us with God. We surrender our lives to Him and He picks us up and cleans us off and never lets us go. He holds us tight and keeps us safe. He never leaves us. When we get scared and run off to hide he’s right there with us even then. We are safe in His loving arms.

Just like Calico waits expectantly for Dad to come to tuck her in each night we need to wait in expectation for God. He is there. He is working. We just need to wait patiently enjoying the time we have with Him instead of wishing for something different. 

We are safe in our Father’s arms. 

Until next time,

Bailey Sue

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