Growth on the Trumpet Vine

Seeing Growth!

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Spring has been chilly this year. We’ve even had a frost advisory this week! Despite the chilly weather, we’ve kept ourselves busy.

Monday we celebrated Billie Jo’s birthday. She wanted Chicken Enchilada Soup and Baked Apple Fritters. The perfect meal for a chilly cloudy Monday! JoJo is obsessed with red and black plaid. She got a thick red and black comforter for Christmas one year and asked for a thinner quilt for the Summer months…Mom and Dad got her one for her birthday and some supplies for her other hobby: baking…She loves to experiment with new recipes and sweet treats.

Even though it’s still too chilly to plant the majority of our garden we were able to plant SEVEN fruit bushes last night and transplant a couple of Trumpet Vines! There were 2 Raspberry Bushes, 2 Honey Berry, 2 Fall Gold Raspberry, and a Goji Berry!

We also noticed earlier this week that our fruit trees, both the apple and the peach are LOADED, with tiny fruit!

At the old house, we planted a few fruit trees. However, they started producing AFTER we moved. 😥 We’ll hopefully be able to enjoy a small harvest this year! I really hope that we get enough to make a few quarts of home-canned peaches!

In addition to the growing trees and abundance of bushes that we planted the rest of our dirt arrived today! So, we’ll be filling the future garlic bed and topping off the rest of the beds. That way once the weather is sufficiently warm (and we stop getting advised of frost) we can plant the rest of the garden!

I’ve been working on some behind-the-scenes improvements on the site the past few weeks. Frankly, THIS is the part of my job that is the hardest and is NEVER as easy as it sounds.

BUT I’m finding a lot of things to be thankful for despite the annoying tech challenges.

  1. The site is NOT broken! Usually when I end up with tech issues something’s broken, not showing up and it takes WEEKS to fix. That’s not the case this time and I couldn’t be more thankful!
  2. For once, I’m actually on the right track. I just spooked myself and stopped too soon. I don’t have to reverse anything or scramble to fix something because it broke!
  3. Tiny steps of progress. I’m actually making progress on the project. I’m moving at a snail’s pace, but I’m taking steps forward, seeing results, and learning new things!
  4. Answered prayers. For whatever reason, I’ve gotten very specific in my prayer requests and God’s been answering them. I still get discouraged about how slow things seem to be moving. But I can’t help but be thankful because not only do I know but I can see that God is hearing my prayers and working things out in HIS time. And especially over the last year, I can see a lot of personal and business growth!

Until next time,

Bailey Sue