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Seeing the Light at the End of the Tunnel

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I’m going to be honest with you right now. I’m pretty excited! I launched a brand new shop yesterday and am still riding that wave (This shop closed in 2020). So, my mind is pretty much running in a million directions.  I’m excited with what I’ve been able to accomplish so far this year and it’s only March so I know that I’ll be able to do a lot more in the months to come and I have plenty of fun things planned. And I also know that come this evening I’ll probably come crashing down. But right now, I’m going to enjoy every minute of this!

Often times in this business venture of mine I’ve prayed and asked God how I can make this work. As I prayed again this morning giving God my concerns about this new door that was opened and asking Him the same five questions I have asked Him at least once a week the past few months I had this thought.

“And then I remembered, it’s not I. It’s we.”

I so easily get caught up in the planning of things and worrying about the worse-case-scenario that I forget that God already has this figured out! Ya’ll He’s been there, done that, and came back to help me get there! He’s the One that gave me this dream and opened every door along the way. Why wouldn’t He help me now? He’s brought me this far, and I can guarantee that He won’t leave me here (Genesis 28:15).

Trusting in God is hard isn’t it? We know what we want or need or desire and we pray about it daily, and yet God makes us wait. We don’t know why but for some reason He’s seen fit to say “Not yet.” And that’s not what we wanted to hear! We want it NOW, and we do everything in our power to get it.

“I know your works. See, I have set before you an open door, and no one can shut it, for you have a little strength, have kept my word, and have not denied my name.”
~Revelation 3:8

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Since I’ve started on this journey in 2016 I’ve seen God open door after door, after door. Again and again. Opportunities that come my way, I try to pursue and God provides. Not always in the way that I want but He’s there providing. He’s given me the confidence to keep pursuing this when I really wanted to throw in the towel. The quiet assurance that this is what I NEEDED to be doing even when I didn’t understand how or why, I felt this need to keep trying. And slowly but surely God is fulfilling the dreams that I’ve had.

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Believe me when I say that if it was up to me I would’ve quit a long time ago. In fact, there were two very specific times last year (2018) that if I didn’t have that quiet assurance and the support of my family and friends I definitely would’ve hung up the towel. Maybe not permanently (although the thought did cross my mind) but at least for a little while.

I’ll tell you this though: If I had hung up the towel either time I really thought about it last year,  I would’ve missed out on three of the biggest doors that God has opened so far. The Christmas Art Gallery where I was able to actually create my product; my book, a dream that I have had since elementary school watching John-Boy Walton pursue his writing career; and this NEW shop that combines all of my work in one convenient spot. These opened doors allowed me to hold the actual product that I created in my hand instead of a photo on the computer screen and seeing that people were interested in this product really encouraged me…And if it wasn’t for the art gallery last December I wouldn’t have the amount of product in the shop that I do now.

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About December of last year JoJo went to a Danny Gokey concert with a friend of hers and sent me a clip of a brand new song that he sung called “Haven’t Seen it Yet”. Listening to that short Snapchat clip I knew two things: 1) I had never heard this song before and 2) It. Was. Gooood. Like really good. Over the past few months that song (among many others too numerous to name) has been really encouraging me. It reminds me that even though I can’t see and often times don’t understand what God is doing or why; to hang on for the ride. Because eventually it will all be made clear. If not in this life, in the one to come.

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I guess I say all of that to remind you not to give up. I know it’s hard and I know that sometimes praying feels like talking to a reinforced concrete wall. But hang in there. Be assured that God hears every prayer that you pray and counts every tear that you cry (1 Peter 3:12a, Psalm 56:8). And above all else know that He cares (1 Peter 5:8) and that He’s got a plan for your good. Nothing that you go through is ever wasted. All of it is used for your good and His glory in the end (Romans 8:28).

Until next time,

Bailey Sue