Dad and Jr working on the new fence and rail

September Rewind!

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The month of September flew by! Even amid the craziness, there’s been SO many blessings along the way!

To be honest, I’m not even sure where to start…Let’s see…

Since JoJo opened her dog treat bakery, Tri-Color Treats Dog Bakery, we’ve been busy baking. So, we’ve been getting a lot of use out of our crockpot.

have been a family favorite for years. They’re filled with easy recipes using normal, everyday ingredients.

The Homestead is equally a-buzz with activity!

We’ve continued to work on the fence and rail for the Living Room porch!

We planted a couple of Elderberry bushes near the chicken coop and we got our first harvest off of them last weekend!! A 1/2 cup isn’t much, but it’s a start!

Elderberry Harvest

Most of the garden has died off…We keep discussing how weird the garden was this year. This Summer was cooler. Everything took a little while longer to ripen…and then once it ripened, it felt like it went bad within minutes! BUT we got three good-sized pumpkins for carving or painting for Halloween, several cooking pumpkins of various sizes, and quite a few squash left that need to be harvested…And the thing that I’m most excited about?? We got 4 apples and 1 pear from OUR TREES!! 😁

1st Homegrown Pear

About a month ago, we went to the fruit farm up the street and picked a bushel of apples! We’ve made two batches of apple butter in the crockpot and have already eaten a few pints! We’ll eat it on biscuits or bread, and we’ve enjoyed having a scoop in our oatmeal as well. We plan on making one last batch today! We got the recipe we used for the Apple Butter in yet another Crockpot Apple Butter

Both Trinty and Jasper’s birthdays are in September, so naturally, we had to have a little celebration!

A combined party for both of them. JoJo made them little cakes and we bought each of them a new bone that Jasper ended up sharing with Oreo!

Jasper and Oreo sharing a bone

One evening we went outside to check out the fruit trees. We have several large pines along the current fence line and the squirrels love to play in them. While we were out the squirrels were taunting the dogs! Running in and out of the holes in the tree and along the branches! Both Trinity and Jasper ended up treeing several…It was actually pretty entertaining!

Trinity and Jasper treeing a squirrel

I celebrated my 25th Birthday, and we’ve got our first festival under our belts for Tri-Color Treats Dog Bakery!

We survived! The night before the festival we were up until 1 am tieing up loose ends. Conveniently, Bradley had a really busy night at work as well. Even though we were all tired (even one of the organizers who passed our booth made mention that we all looked exhausted), we were all able to work together without snipping and fighting–both days!! We learned a lot, had fun, and are looking for ways to improve before the next one!

Oh, I almost forgot! Remember when we had all those electrical issues and fried a couple of surge protectors? One of the surge protectors had our ancient desktop plugged into it. The same desktop that happened to hold the vast majority of our family photos. We found out a few weeks ago that it appears as though the desktop is fried as well. BUT the good news is that all the photos that were on that desktop are on a flash drive!! So, we didn’t really lose anything…and actually gained some space on the desk!! (:

Yes, life is busy. It feels like there’s always an errand to run or a job that needs to be done. At times it feels downright overwhelming and too much. BUT I am really thankful that we’re able to SEE all the good things–the blessings that God has given us along the way.

Until next time,

Bailey Sue