Rainbow touching earth


This seems crazy! I’ve been hearing phrases like “once in a generation storm”, “catastrophic”, “days before power will be restored”, “widespread”, “worst damage I’ve seen”.

About 9 PM last night our local news broke into programming to report that there were several tornado warnings in our viewing area. As time went on it was determined that there was a massive tornado that did indeed touch down a few miles south of us and another tornado that touched down several miles north of us.

As the sun continues to come up and we’re finally starting to see the scope of the damage I am truly shocked. We’re within an hour of Cincinnati and the images that I’m seeing on the news from just down the road remind me of things I’d see coming from Tornado Alley.

Daddy ended up going to work only to be told to come home as they didn’t have power and need to have their roof examined before they can really get in there and back to work. He’s been told that he could be out until the end of the week.

Beyond anything else I am thankful!

After watching the radar and seeing some trees and large limbs down just down the road from us we truly believe that God was watching over us. All of the storms hit just south and north of us. We really just got a lot of lightning and heavy rain.  I’m thankful that our family is safe and that our friends made it through the storm as well.

I’m also thankful for the technology that we have. The meteorologist was able to track the storm as it came across the Ohio/Indiana line giving us real time updates and explaining the severity of the storm. They even simulcasted on Facebook Live in case people lost power they’d still have the live updates–and they stayed on the air for over 12 hours with no commercial breaks!

To be honest all I can really say is that I am so thankful that God was watching over us last night. I’m thankful to hear that people are helping people and that we’re all safe and sound with no damage to report. However many others around us were not so lucky. Houses and businesses are destroyed and I’ve been hearing that it could take several years to rebuild…Thankfully there’s been only minor injuries and one fatality reported. So, I ask you to pray for those affected in the Dayton Metro area and Celina.

“Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.”
~Romans 12:12

Until next time,

Bailey Sue