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Showing Grace When It’s Difficult

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Grace is hard isn’t it? That’s something that I’ve been learning the hard way these last few days. Last Tuesday when I went to work on my newest post instead of seeing my post editor I was greeted with a  plain white screen. I was unable to type or do any normal editing. After calling support I was told that the issue would be fixed in 24-48 hours. After 48 hours and a little page refreshing IT WORKED!!

Then come Friday I go to start typing my post and my old friend Mr. Whitescreen was back!! I called support and was told it’d be another 24-48 hours. As of Monday I was still waiting for the issue to be rectified. However, it appears to have now been fixed! Just in time for me to post an update! I don’t know how long it’ll be working as it’s been a little glitch-y today, but as long as I can access the editor I’ll be posting!

But I have to confess that I haven’t had the best attitude about this whole thing!

I’ve been mad and worried. HOW am I supposed to reach my goals if I can’t write a simple update?  I spent some time in prayer about this Sunday night and realized some things. 

I need to be offering the tech people grace. As frustrating as this situation is I shouldn’t be taking it out on them. They are trying to help me after all. Because the Blog wasn’t working for a little over a week and has been glitch-y today I’ve also been taking my frustrations out on those around me. I’ve been short and grumpy and just generally not pleasant to be around all. While this has many other causes the blog not working was causing more stress than normal (and I can find stress in almost anything…literally).

I’m reminded that I need to be seeking to please God in all things. Is He happy with the way I’ve been acting and treating those around me? This question doesn’t just exist when I run into tech issues (which happens quite frequently in my line of work), but in ALL areas of life.

One of the books that I actually enjoyed from the required reading in high school was called In His Steps” by Charles M. Sheldon. There’s also a movie loosely based on the book simply titled “WWJD?” The concept of both the book and the movie is quite thought-provoking. They explore the idea of what it would look like if the people of God were to live by the question What would Jesus do? What would Jesus do if He were in your exact position right now? How would He respond?

Showing grace and love is hard. Sometimes when reading the Bible it sounds so easy.

Love God and love your neighbor (Luke 10:27). But the reality is that loving others as Christ has loved us is hard. Showing grace on the days when you’re tired and angry is hard. But something that I think we so often forget is that it’s not within our power to show love and grace to those around us. It is ONLY when we let God’s power WORK THROUGH US that we can have the same love, grace, and compassion for humanity that He has (See Ephesians 3:16-21).  

Until next time,
Bailey Sue