White stairs

Sick of Falling

I have gotten myself into a very bad habit: Falling.  I either fall or run into something at least once a week. This week is no exception. I fell down the steps. Again. Although I can be thankful because I didn’t fall on my knee and I didn’t fall headfirst (that has been done and I think is partially responsible for my fear of stairs).

After I fell I told Mom repeatedly that I was sick of falling. We both agreed that I should probably start stretching my hamstrings because they are really tight and the reason why I don’t walk like a normal person and usually end up tripping. These exercises are not hard or that time consuming but I still don’t like to do them. I never have. But they help. I feel better when I do them. I can actually touch my toes after about three weeks if I do them consistently. So tomorrow I will add hamstring stretches to my exercise routine.

Let me explain what I learned by my statement “I’m sick of falling.” I learned a little bit more about grace.  Dictionary.com defines grace as,” A manifestation of favor, especially by a superior” I really think the acronym for grace explains it better:






Because Jesus died on the cross you and I have access to God’s unending grace! The Bible says that we have all sinned and fall short of the glory of God (see Romans 3:23). I don’t know about you but I sin and fall short of God’s glory every single day. But I have grace. Jesus forgives me of ALL my sins. The Bible also says that you can’t do anything to make God stop loving you. He always will (See Romans 8:38-39).

One of the best things about God is that He still loves us whether or not we trip and catch ourselves or we fall down really hard. Again. He’s still there holding out His loving arms waiting to embrace us and heal our wounds and scars.

Until next time,

Bailey Sue

**This post was originally written on 5/9/16 and edited on 9/14/16.**

**The acronym for the word Grace is not mine, the source is unknown.**