Sometimes life is Simpler Without the Heels…

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Recently one of the ministers at our Church got a group of young adults together to go to a lectureship held by another congregation. On the drive over we spent a lot of time talking and laughing. Somehow I started talking about this book series that I’m reading by Sarah Sundin…

It’s a three-book Historical Romance series set in WWII. It tells the story of three estranged brothers who come to grips with their past sins and pursue reconciliation. Specifically, in the months leading up to D-Day; each brother fights in a different branch of the military. The Navy, Airforce, and Army Rangers.

As I began to explain the books up until the part that I was reading the minister stopped me for a minute and said, “Wait a minute. So, this whole mess could have been avoided if the lady took off her high heels and crossed the bridge?!” Amid a LOT of laughter, I said, “Pretty much.” I honestly had never thought of it that way.

I’ve never really liked wearing heels. I have enough trouble walking across the floor barefoot let alone wearing heels. Coordination is not something I was gifted in. The extra couple of inches in height isn’t always worth the risk of falling or twisting an ankle. Aside from a couple of pairs of boots that have square heels & are comfortable, I only have 2 pairs that I wear once or twice each year.

Then I got to thinking about life. I have the tendency to make life way more complicated than necessary. Constantly jumping ahead of the situation I’m right in the middle of and planning for every possible way it can go. If A, B, & C happens then I’ll do this & that. If D, E, & F happens then it’s plan B. But you know what? Usually, what actually happens is either a combination of any of the above or absolutely NOTHING that I had planned! Often in the middle of all my contingency planning & constant revision, I miss the beauty of life right in front of me. I get so caught up in all the potential drama that I forget to actually live!

However, if I were to stick to the facts & take the heels off life would be a whole lot simpler…

Until next time,
Bailey Sue

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