Egg laid in the Nesting Box

Spring is coming to the Homestead!

For the time being it looks like Spring may be here sooner than we think! Granted, it’s only the end of February in Ohio; so it could snow again or we could have below-freezing temperatures. But for now, we’re embracing the little signs of Spring arriving on the Homestead!

We’ve had SO MUCH SUNSHINE this week–like almost every day! The kind where if you look only at the sky you think that it’s all nice, warm, and Spring-y outside. Then when you step outside, you’re brutally reminded that it’s February, and wearing a Winter coat is still a good idea. If I’m quiet enough I’m even starting to hear the birds sing their songs!

We’re almost ready to place the last seed order for the year!

Until it’s time to work in the garden, we’re tossing around different ideas and plans of what’s going to go where and how to make the most of the land/ layout/house that we have. Everything from the wood stackers, the chicken run, and even the living room furniture. I have NEVER liked change. Though it’s all small and in the grand scheme of things not a big deal it’s driving me nuts! Who knew that finding the right place to stack the wood would end up like Goldilocks and The 3 Bears? If you want to get technical, we’re trying the 4th bear’s porridge and still haven’t decided which one we like best?

When we moved here in 2016 we had a LOT of cleanup to do on the property (remember the Beaver Dam?).

As we continue to clean up Beaver Dams, fence lines, and unknown holes in the ground we keep finding better places to put things and better ways to do things. It’s a continual learning process and more times than not, I just don’t have the patience. But I’m working on it! If you see what the land looked like just a couple of years ago, it’s almost unrecognizable now!

Beaver Dam Before and After

However, it has been nice to get outside a little bit this week and start a few of the small projects! Our chickens have never laid in their nesting boxes. They lay the eggs in the very back corner of the opposite end of the coop. Even the taller members of the family practically have to climb into the coop to get the eggs.

So, we went out one night this week and made a few improvements.

We added a small bar to the front of the boxes, taped up the seam, and added more bedding. So far it seems to be working! There have been a couple of eggs found IN the nesting boxes or in that general vicinity! We think an egg or two was kicked out so we’ve got a little more work to do but we’re making progress! 😁

The new chickens are starting to lay their eggs too! I’m anxious to see if we really will be drowning in eggs this Summer. If we are, we have everything we need to start eggglassing the overflow and saving them for Winter!

Spring is a really busy and exciting time on the Homestead. Things really start to get moving once the snow starts to melt. We’ve seen a lot of snow melting this week too! Homesteading may be a lot of work and I may still have to psyche myself up for it, but it is worth it and the food tastes better too!

Until next time,

Bailey Sue

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