Staying Afloat…⛵

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To be honest I’m a control freak. I have a plan in mind and I want it to be executed as soon as possible. Yet, often in the middle of all the planning and doing I forget to go over the plan with God. Then in a short amount of time, I find myself wondering why it feels like I’m always behind, anxious, worried, and frustrated.

As I was telling Mom about this she made the comment that it’s like I’m in a boat, sailing on the water. However instead of enjoying the view I’m constantly patching holes.

I’m soaked, running out of duct tape and my energy is draining fast.

Eventually something has to give! I find that when I start to patch all those imaginary holes  I need to take a step back. I need to evaluate what’s really going on. Who’s really in control? Sure I may say that God is, but is He really? Am I letting Him have the control or am I taking the issue into my own hands?

More often than not I find that I’m taking matters into my own hands and trying to control the situation…I’m not praying about it like I should or reading my Bible…I’m trying to figure it out on my own…

Last December in a search for some new Christmas music I discovered a new to me Southern Gospel Quartet–Ernie Haase and Signature Sound. In addition to their Christmas music (which I highly recommend), they had several other albums available. I came across their newest album “Clear Skies” and immediately fell in love! It was peppy without being loud, upbeat, and immensely encouraging!  One of my favorite songs (I have too many to name here) on the album is titled “Sailing with Jesus”.

The song talks about how we can dive into the deep end and find it difficult to stay afloat until we cry out to Jesus. When we cry out to Him He rescues us. Over time we find that we can let go of our “ties to shore” and find the freedom to pursue our dreams and slowly but surely–in His time they can become a reality.

I find this particular song extremely encouraging for my control freak mind. When I try to control any part of my life all I really succeed in doing is running myself ragged. When I place my dreams, goals, hopes, and fears at the feet of Jesus in prayer and begin to serve Him right where I am, doing what I can; over time He will reveal what He wants me to do next. Trust me, it usually doesn’t come over night; but it does come.

When I operate in this way specifically laying things out in prayer I find that I have a little more peace as well. I may not have all the answers just yet but I can trust that He does!

“Rejoicing in hope, patient in tribulation, continuing steadfastly in prayer…”
~Romans 12:2

Until next time,

Bailey Sue