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Staying Warm and Thoughts of Spring

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The weather in Ohio can often be unpredictable. When we moved in 2016 we loaded the truck in 70° wearing T-shirts and jeans and unloaded it the next day while it was sleeting. Yes, sleeting! We’ve had snow on Easter Sunday and gone hiking on a sunny Christmas Eve wearing jeans and sweatshirts. Usually this time of the year I’m ready to be done with the snow and below-freezing temperatures. I’d like to be able to feel my face and hands whenever I do decide to venture outside.

According to the groundhog, we’ll be facing 6 more weeks of Winter. While I’m not entirely thrilled with the prospect I am thankful that Winter is easier to deal with in this house. We’re blessed to be able to have a Fireplace and plenty of wood to burn. Even if the house is chilly having a fire in the fireplace makes the house feel warmer.

The air tends to be a little dryer when it gets so cold but thankfully we recently bought an enameled cast iron humidifier that sits on top of the fireplace insert. It works a lot better than the cast iron teakettle we were using.

With the temperatures dipping well below freezing at night and not getting much warmer during the day Mom had the brilliant idea to set the teakettle on top of the fireplace to heat water for tea, cappuccino, or hot cocoa.

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fireplace with tea kettle

Honestly, I’m not much of a coffee drinker. I LOVE the smell of coffee but it tastes like bitter hot water. It’s taken me a while to find a hot drink that I like to have regularly. Here lately, I’ve really been enjoying a cup of Lemon Ginger Tea with a little bit of honey added to make it sweet.

Even though Winter and the cold feels like it’ll last forever, we know that it doesn’t. One day it will end and Spring will come again. In the meantime, we can make the most of the time that we have while it’s cold. We’re starting to plan our garden for the year. Taking a look at all of our seed magazines, deciding what we want to grow, and how we’re going to lay it all out. It makes me excited to get outside, get in the dirt, and enjoy the warm sunshine.

Another thing that I’m really thankful for this week is our family’s protection. Bradley’s running here and there almost daily for school and work. I don’t even know where he is most days… Between Bradley running all over creation and Dad working, inclement weather is a little more of a worry. Thankfully though despite the questionable road conditions we’ve all been able to get to and from our errands safely!

As someone who grew up with snowy weather, what we are currently facing is NOTHING NEW. Every few years we get a decent amount of snow, we’ve had a lot of ice here and there too. We’ve created little hacks over the years to lessen the risk of freezing pipes, our power and water structure is used to dealing with the drop in temperatures, and we have several road treatment options available (plows, salt, and brine, etc.).

However, I’m seeing a lot of news out of Texas lately. While I know as a “northerner” it’s sometimes easy to poke fun at the south for getting what we northerners classify as a dusting of snow and everything shuts down. But here’s the thing: It’s NOT funny and it never really was. Buildings are made different in the south than in the north, the insulation and power grid are also designed for a FEW days of freezing temperatures, not to mention they just don’t have the salt or plow supply of the northern states. They truly aren’t prepared for all the snow they are getting and in a lot of ways, there was only so much they could have done anyway. I’ve heard it said that what Texas is currently facing is similar to a Midwest state getting an earthquake that California is used to. Those of us that are used to this type of weather may not physically be able to help, but we all can (and should) be praying for those who are right in the thick of this…

Until next time,

Bailey Sue