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Taking water for granted?

Yesterday while we were out running errands, Bradley wanted us to pick up a specific water bottle so that he could track his water intake easier. Being a firefighter/soon-to-be paramedic, he’s already well aware of the benefits of staying hydrated. Since summer is right around the corner, he received an article on the importance of hydration as well as discussed it in school. As you can probably imagine, he’s all gung-ho and really diligent about staying hydrated.

He wanted a specific sport water bottle so we headed straight to the sports section of the store and there were SO many options! Small ones for children, and a plethora of options for adults. Leaving that isle there were even more patriotic options for various beverages in the center aisle! We didn’t even make it over to the home goods part of the store where I’m sure there’d be even more styles, colors, and designs to choose from!

All these options were just for the choice of a CONTAINER to put water or a beverage into. If I were to walk to the grocery section there are AISLES upon AISLES of drink options. Juice, coffee, flavored water, soda, and even various BRANDS OF WATER!

And it kind of made me stop and think. We use water for nearly everything. Cooking, baking, bathing, cleaning, washing clothes, and drinking. We have SO many options for not only simple containers to put water into but of water itself. You can get clean drinkable water from a faucet, a reverse osmosis system, and a drinking fountain. If those don’t suit your fancy you can choose from any number of bottled water brands!

Yet people in other countries don’t even have the luxury of clean water! Let alone the time or the money to choose which container they’ll be using for their water today!

Our Church’s annual Walk4Water is coming up. We partner with Healing Hands International hosting an event where we simply walk to raise awareness and money. The money raised is used to drill clean water wells in countries where citizens (usually young women and children) walk an AVERAGE of FOUR miles to get water from a bucket or jug that is often dirty! Sometimes the money is used to repair an existing well or to provide personalized water purification systems! If you’d like to learn more about the work of Healing Hands International you can visit their website HERE. Information about their Clean Water program can be found HERE.

One of the great things about HHI is that when they drill a new well they tell those who have gathered to watch about Jesus. The One who offers them Living Water! They’re able to meet both the individual’s physical and spiritual needs at the same time!

Lastly, if you feel led and are able, our family has set up a donation page where you can donate money directly toward our Church’s goal. *I receive NO compensation whatsoever from your donation. All money donated goes directly to HHI**. A direct link to our family’s donation page can be found HERE. If you’d still like to support our family’s walk but are unable to donate we’d appreciate prayers that our efforts would be met with success.

Until next time,

Bailey Sue