Roasting hotdogs in the inside fireplace

Thankful to be Safe…

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It’s been awful rainy and cold this week so we’ve been taking it a little slower. Our plants are growing well. We’re finally starting to see some of the salad greens pop up! It’ll be a while before we can eat them but they are growing!

Some evenings we spend watching homesteading videos on YouTube. We found one a few weeks back on making Worm Towers. Basically you create towers out of PVC for worms to live in and then you feed them with your compost and they reproduce and create more worms for your garden; making the soil better.

We got all but two of the towers done; I’ve still got some sanding to do on those. But OUR WORMS CAME ON TUESDAY! So, the towers that are done are now home to 2,000 worms. And yes, the girls stayed in the house while the guys got the worms situated in their new homes. I may be able to pick a few of them up on occasion but 1,000 of them at one time? I think not.

Worms safe in their new home

Since it’s been colder out we’ve had a little fire going in the fireplace the last couple of days to take the chill off.

Personally, I’m thankful. Curling up in front of the fireplace with a blanket in the evening is something that I find calming and with my emotions all over the place I’ll take as many doses of calm as I can get!

Thankful for cozy nights in front of the fire

Last night we even cooked dinner using the fireplace. We heated up some baked beans in a Cast Iron skillet sitting on top of the fireplace, wrapped some left over flatbread in aluminum foil and sat it next to the beans and then roasted hotdogs in the fire! It was nice to do something a little different..

This week especially I’ve really struggled with fear. I’m worried about what the future holds and just how long it will be until we get back to normal. Wherever I look the news reports are conflicting. One source says this another says that. It’s almost impossible to find the truth. While I know that Jesus is the Source of Truth I’d appreciate a way to figure out what’s really going on in the world…

I’ve always enjoyed Psalm 37. But lately, like a lot of other familiar Bible passages this too has taken on a new meaning…

“Trust in the LORD and do good,
dwell in the land and enjoy safe pasture.”
~Psalm 37:3

Amid the surmounting uncertainty, anger, and fear I’m thankful that I’m safe. I’m thankful that we have the land to get outside and be active without leaving the house. We have what we need and then some. It may not be where I ever thought I’d be, or where I really want to be.

But I’m thankful that I’m here and that despite what others may or may not be doing GOD IS THE ONE WHO IS CONTROL.

Until next time,
Bailey Sue

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