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Thanksgiving Recap

Hello Friends! I hope that ya’ll had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I thought that today I’d share with you what my family and I did to celebrate the holiday!

An Early Celebration

Our family did our own little Thanksgiving Celebration the last Saturday in October. We decided to kick off the holiday season with a turkey and all the fixings with just the five of us.

Breakfast TableWe had a really relaxed morning and a big breakfast.Pumpkin Smoothies We made pumpkin smoothies (that actually tasted like pumpkin as opposed to bland squash…) (: We had waffles with real maple syrup (which was really good). I was really surprised at how much of a difference there was between the 100% maple syrup and the stuff that we used to buy at the store. The real stuff is much thinner and sweeter.

Dog waiting patiently
She’s waiting very patiently…

We even gave Trinity her own small waffle with peanut butter–she loved it! Do any of you eat your waffles or pancakes with peanut butter?

Dog eating a peanut butter waffle
She devoured it in minutes…

We had some errands to run that afternoon (that no one really wanted to do) but we made it fun buy listening to an audio story while riding in the car. Once we got home and planted our trees we made a big dinner and then ate it together by lantern light. It’s the perfect way to kick off the holiday season!

Our 2nd Thanksgiving

Crazy Family Sign
This sign fits our family perfectly! (:

On Thanksgiving Day, we were up early and headed north to spend the day with my Mom’s family. For the last few years now we have been bringing noodles to the dinner. We cook them in the Crockpot on the way North. (:

Cooking Noodles_with textDespite leaving a little later than we planned we were able to make our own breakfast sandwiches and we still got there early and were able to help with some of the finishing touches.

Thanksgiving Dinner 2017
All of us eating together…There were 23 of us this year! (:

I was thinking about how blessed I have been over the years. Our family was once again able to gather together to celebrate the holiday. There are 5 different “families” in our family. Each of them carved out this day to celebrate together. Some of the cousins are now older and either in school or working and living on their own (or some variation of the two). But whenever the Holidays come around they still make the time to come pop in and eat a good meal with their family. This year a couple of the family members had just gotten off of work before we ate dinner. I was thinking earlier how easy it would have been for them to just go home and sleep and eat leftovers later in the day (I mean the best part about Thanksgiving is all the leftovers, right?). But they didn’t. They came and helped carve the turkey and eat the meal with us.

We ate dinner together and then chatted and visited with everyone while making crafts. After craft time we helped tidy everything up and then headed home.

What did you do to celebrate Thanksgiving? I’d love it if you shared about your holiday in the comments below! Be sure to come back on Thursday for a creative twist on some of your favorite holiday movies!

Until next time,

Bailey Sue

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