The Van's New Shoes

The Blessings of a Flat Tire…

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We had already left two hours later than we had planned that morning. It was warm and sunny out. I was sitting in the van happily in my own little world listening to Gaither Vocal Band albums and Steven Curtis Chapman.

With about an hour and a half to go in the trip. Something starts to get really loud and Dad slowly pulls the van to the side of the highway. We had a tire blowout.

Everyone piles out of the van and onto the grassy hillside–In my case, it’s flip-flops first. Dad and Bradley begin changing the tire while Mom contacts family and JoJo and I watch and make sure other cars don’t hit us.  Once we get the spare on we realize that it’s flat too. “Fix a Flat” and about  1-2 dollars of air at the gas station up the road gets us to the Wal-Mart about 3 miles away from where we actually got the flat tire.

Thankfully this Wal-Mart had an Auto Center that got us right in with two new tires. To occupy our time I am informed that I’m getting some new shoes (and socks). Mom was tired of my shoes coming out of the van before I did. Once those were picked out, purchased, and on my feet, we looked at Chap-Stick and cool little hat lights. Shortly after that, we were able to pay for the tires and be back on the road with only about an hour and a half delay.

We could have sat there and bemoaned the fact that we had a flat tire, no one stopped to help, and we were going to be arriving at our destination about the time we were planning on leaving (henceforth, our travel home would be way later than we had planned and our busy plans for the next day were going to be changed).

OR…We could be thankful for all of the blessings that we saw in those moments.

  1. The flat tire was on the right rear–further away from traffic and slightly safer.
  2. The weather was nice. Although it was hot it wasn’t boiling and it wasn’t snowy, icy, and freezing out.
  3. We were able to get safely to a Wal-Mart on the pumped up spare pulling a loaded trailer.
  4. The first Wal-Mart we stopped at had an auto center.
  5. The Auto people got us right in and worked quickly to get us back on the road.
  6. We arrived safely at our destination and no one was harmed.
  7. I got some new shoes and cool looking socks.
  8. Although we arrived home after 2 am we got home safely with no further problems.
  9. Mom had a lot of driving the next week and it was good that if the tire had to blow it blew when Dad was able to fix it and Mom didn’t have to worry about it.

We may never know why we got a flat tire when we did. But, we had a choice. We could be discouraged and upset over the inconvenience that the tire caused or be thankful for what went right. In every situation, there is good to be found; you may just have to search for it.

Until next time,

Bailey Sue