Kitchen Shelf Upclose

The Homestead is Abuzz with Activity!

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Spring is a little more than a week away and the homestead is abuzz with activity!

We’re using the fireplace a little more sporadically as the weather warms. For the first time this year, we were able to open the windows and let the fresh air in! We had a day where the high was close to 70°, the sun shown warm and bright, and I was even able to wear capris for a few hours before it got too cold!

We’ve been steadily working around the homestead when the weather permits. There’s always firewood to cut and stack and (hopefully for the last time), rearrange. Ever since we moved in, the backyard–specifically near the chicken coop– turns into a swamp whenever it gets really wet. After some research on YouTube, we discovered that you can put pine bedding down to help absorb the excess water. We’ve put several bags down so far with several more to go, but it’s working quite nicely!

It’s always fun seeing which plants come back as Winter slowly turns to Spring.

We don’t usually plant the bulk of our garden until May or June and we’re still a couple of weeks out from being able to plant the cold weather crops. But we’re already seeing a few plants come back! When we moved in we had iris plants EVERYWHERE! We’ve since consolidated them and placed them between the Columnar Apple Trees lining the main fence line. They’re little green leaves are starting to pop up and a few of our herbs are also making a comeback!

Outside’s not the only area of the homestead getting a facelift this Spring. We’ve been working inside rearranging furniture in a few rooms and reorganizing where we can. We recently bought a steamer and have steam cleaned the flooring in a couple of rooms. So far, it looks and feels so much cleaner without leaving streaks, the pads are washable, and there are no harsh chemicals yet it’s still really clean! There are just a couple more loose ends to tie up but for the most part, we’re almost done with the bulk of the inside projects for the Spring!!

We had been looking at some different shelf/storage cabinets for the little kitchen nook. While out shopping yesterday Mom and Dad came home with this! I love how the shelf fits the area perfectly, the way the red pans just pop, and that Kent Rollin’s cookbook ties everything together!

Until next time,

Bailey Sue