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The Magic of Christmas!

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It seems this time of the year that there’s a lot of talk about Christmas magic… I’m not saying that I believe in magic per-say, because I don’t.  Spells and potions have no power whatsoever. When I say magic I’m referring more to the belief in something more than ourselves and our current circumstances. Almost each and every Christmas movie that I’ve seen this year talks about Christmas magic, a belief in the impossible, or the fact that despite what it looks like right now everything will work out well in the end, and usually it does in a very predictable fashion.

Last night we watched “The Year Without a Santa Clause”. This year as I watched I caught something I wasn’t expecting. Do you remember the song that Mr. Clowse (Santa Clause) and Mr. Thistlewhite sing about Santa while sitting around the table? As I listened to the words I couldn’t help but think how much the song described Jesus. We can’t see Him, yet we know He’s always there His love for us and the reminder that we are never too old to believe in Him.

This song reminded of something else too. The magic of Christmas isn’t in the gifts under the tree or everything going according to plan. It isn’t in a spotless house or a perfectly planned dinner. The magic of Christmas is found in knowing that we serve a loving God. Immanuel, God with us (Matthew 1:23). That whether we’ve been good or bad, He loves us anyway (John 3:16). He takes pleasure in blessing us with good things (Psalm 35:27) and He wants us to cast all of our cares on Him (1 Peter 5:7).

The magic of Christmas is in knowing and opening our hearts to the simple truth that God is who He says He is. The Savior of the world. And that because of Him; the way that He came to this earth, His life, His death, His burial, and His resurrection we have HOPE. Hope that life doesn’t have to stay the same forever. Hope that people change and grow. Hope that miracles happen everyday in the smallest of ways. And HOPE that life will be better, if not here then in Eternity with God where everything will be made right.

Maybe the magic of Christmas isn’t even in the happy endings. Maybe, just maybe it’s in the HOPE that we have because of Him. The belief that we have in Someone bigger than ourselves who knows everything about us and loves us unconditionally and has the power to change each and every “Ba Humbug” into a shout of joy. And maybe those Christmas miracles that we read and see so often this time of the year really do happen more than we think, could we just be too blind to see?

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Bailey Sue

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