The Next Chapter…

A couple of years ago we tripled our garden. Dad and Bradley built the garden beds. As a family we worked together to fill them with dirt, plant, maintain, and harvest that year’s produce. Along the way, I wrote about it. Simply sharing what we were doing on social media or in a blog post. I found that there was a lot of interest—a lot more than I anticipated.

Older people were commenting and sharing about how they enjoyed doing what we were doing years ago. They told me how they enjoyed seeing a young family learning and carrying on these nearly lost forms of art and in some small way it encouraged them and brought a smile to their face. Then there were middle-aged people that were curious. Maybe their grandmother had canned when they were a child and seeing our family do it brought back fond memories. Or they had seen something that I talked about, and they had a question or wanted our opinion on something.

This blog has always been about our family. The things we’re doing, the lessons I’m learning and the life we live. I’ve mentioned things we do on the homestead and shared my perspective on it all. How I’m learning to accept and find enjoyment in a place I never thought I would. At the end of last year our family sat down and started talking about where we saw ourselves in 5 or 10 years. We talked about goals and businesses and how to start making our dreams a reality.

After a lot of prayer and discussion, we decided to make this blog more of a family/homesteading blog. Like I said earlier, it’s always been about family, especially with Mom and JoJo helping behind the scenes. Coming up with post topics, helping brainstorm, editing every post you see on here, social media, or every email I’ve ever sent, and helping with pictures. Now, bringing them more to the forefront and adding Dad and Bradley helping to explain how and why we’re doing what we’re doing.

The next time you see this blog it’ll look a little different. The name will be changed to The King’s Little Red Homestead. The colors and the logo will be different. But we’re still here. I’ll still be behind the screen typing away and sharing our life.

To those of you who’ve read and followed along over the last 5.5 years as I’ve learned to be Content in the Everyday—thank you! You’re comments and encouragement have meant so much and I truly, truly appreciate it. I wouldn’t be who I am today without this blog and those of you who read it. Though the blog will no longer be called Content in the Everyday I can assure you that if you’ve enjoyed the posts thus far, I’m sure you’ll like what is to come. I encourage you to come along as we take the next step on this journey!

Until next time,

Bailey Sue

P.S. Here’s a little peek at what to expect over the next few days…At the end of last year when we started discussing this we knew we’d need a new logo and my tech skills wouldn’t do it justice. So, in January we took a few photos of our shed and sent them to a friend from Church who transformed our photo into a sketch. Thank you Linda for making our vision a reality! (:

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  1. Linda Whittington

    I pray the Lord continues to bless you all. I know He is pleased with your works for Him. It was an honor to help out in my small way.
    Love you guys!

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